Black Ops 2 title update expands streaming, addresses bugs and tweaks gameplay

A title update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that expands live streaming, addresses bugs and applies gameplay tweaks is live on Xbox 360 and coming soon to PlayStation 3, according to a tweet from developer Treyarch. The update adds support for live streaming in all public match playlists, inserts two new pages into […]

How can I assign different IP addresses to different machines on my network?

Hi, I have an Internet connection with a dynamic IP which is connected to a D-Link network switch. I have connected 6 computers from the switch. Problem: I get same IP address on all the systems if I type “what is my ip” on Google. Need: I want to assign different IP addresses to all […]

How can I export all email addresses of users subscribed to a Facebook group?

I am the admin of a Facebook group and I want to export all the email addresses of all users. How can this be done? The question How can I export all email addresses of users subscribed to a Facebook group? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks competition, addresses Samsung ad

You’ve probably already seen Samsung‘s infamous iPhone-mocking TV advertisement that pokes fun at the Apple fanboys waiting in line for the next iPhone, yet Samsung touts that “the next best thing is already here.” The ad ended up being named the most viral tech ad of 2012, but what does Apple CEO Tim Cook think […]

How do I know the SMS gateway addresses of MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Etisalat and Airtel Nigeria?

I just want to know the SMS gateway addresses of MTN Nigeria, Globacom, Etisalat Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria. I am working on a web app that needs SMS to be sent from the application and I learned that email to SMS is possible within web app if the SMS gateway address of the recipient’s carrier […]

Ubisoft Addresses Uplay Plugin Security Flaw

If you have Ubisoft’s Uplay client and the associated browser plugin installed on your computer, you may want to pay attention–the company announced that it has confirmed and addressed (via a patch) a nasty exploit involving the plugin. Reports of the exploit first began surfacing early morning. As RPS reported, the browser plugin for Uplay, […]

Asus addresses Transformer Prime GPS issues

Asus addresses Transformer Prime GPS issues Citing consumers’ concerns that the GPS functionality on the Transformer Prime TF201 tablet “has not met some users’ expectations,” Asus will open up registration for a fix—a GPS Extension kit—starting on Monday, April 16. The move comes after reports of weak reception of GPS satellites on the tablet, leading […]

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