Media alert: Grid-Tools to host Active Automation for Continuous Integration webinar featuring Diego Lo Giudice

Grid-Tools, the company behind logic and test automation tools Agile Designer –Javelin \ TMX, today announced that it is hosting a webinar featuring Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester Research on Active Automation for Continuous Integration. The webinar will take place on 20th May 2015 at 4-5pm BST, 11-12am EDT, 8-9am PDT and will outline the […]

NEWS ALERT: Hackers exploit Cryptolocker hysteria

Alex Balan, Head of Product Management, BullGuard, describes the threat. Hackers have launched a massive phishing campaign to exploit the fear generated by the Cryptolocker ransomware. A spam email campaign, discovered by BullGuard, has just been detected that offers decryption keys for Cryptolocker. The email says a ‘tool’ can be downloaded that it claims will […]

Deal Alert! Nexus 7 2013 for $189 on eBay

Been waiting for some really good deals on Nexus devices? eBay has you covered, at least in the case of the 16GB Nexus 7 2013, offering this amazing little tablet for just $ 189, with free shipping. Considering buying from Google only gets you a $ 25 Play Store card, I think it’s pretty clear […]

Florida Smartphone Users Receive State-Wide Amber Alert

If you own a smartphone, you know all about the text message ad pushes that most people just instantly delete in sheer annoyance. On Monday, Florida smartphone users were messaged a state-wide Amber Alert. Certain wireless customers learned the hard way about a new system triggering smartphones to make a noise when an Amber Alert […]

Hybrid alert: Asus outs all-in-one PC with a giant Android tablet inside

Moving on from the transformable tablet/laptop combo, Asus has moved to the all-in-one space with its new Transformer AiO, a full-blown Windows 8 machine with a detachable 18.4-inch display, that also doubles as a standalone Android slate. The PC itself is powered by a third generation Intel Core processor, with graphics courtesy of Nvidia’s beefy […]

How can I set up Windows so a SMS alert is sent when someone tries to run my system?

How to setup my Windows os for a start-up SMS alert when someone is trying to run my system? I know we can protect Windows using password, but it becomes very easy to bypass the authentication. So SMS alert is only option for me! The question How can I set up Windows so a SMS […]

Wireless AMBER Alert program shutting down at end of year

The coalition of groups and government agencies that brought us Wireless AMBER Alerts announced today that the program will be ending at the end of the year. AMBER Alerts, as most you already know, aim to alert the public to recent abductions in an effort to get kidnapped children home safely as quickly as possible. […]

Brainsss Review – Red Alert meets The Walking Dead

Brainsss does not have an innovative gameplay. It has no innovative story line. But it mixes a standard story and a standard gameplay in a way that had not been done before. And who needs that when you have a very fun and polished game with zombies? Well, you have Brainnss. In Brainnss you play […]

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