How can I repair damages of a website hack so antivirus software will allow access to my website?

About one month ago I had my website hacked and blocked by Google. I cleaned it and they unblocked it. I just found out some antiviruses still block access to it, even though it was clean on all scans I made and Google confirmed. What can I do? Could it still be something that only […]

Can you recommend alternatives to Windows Live Messenger that allow photo sharing and custom emoticons?

Since Windows Live Messenger will shut down for most people (aside from Mainland China), in March, does anyone know any viable alternatives with similar features? I don’t want to lose the ability to share photos, and the ability to use custom emoticons that were available in Windows Live Messenger. Thanks for your help, Silverknight The […]

How to add a ‘How to Download’ feature like MakeUseOf to allow downloading after sharing to my WordPress blog?

I wan to add something similar to guide download on MakeUseOf, in which download link appears after sharing or subscribing. I have a free WordPress blog where I want to share my own created PDF files. The question How to add a ‘How to Download’ feature like MakeUseOf to allow downloading after sharing to my […]

Cloudee And Colugo Allow You To Privately Share Videos & Photos With Friends & Family [iOS]

If you’re looking for another way to share your photos and videos on your iPhone and other supporting iOS devices, you might want to check out two free apps—Cloudee and Colugo. These two apps are similar to services like Flickr, YouTube, and Instagram, but they provide a way to share your videos and photos with […]

Why do some Facebook groups not allow ‘messaging to members’ functionality to its admin?

Why do some Facebook groups not allow ‘messaging to members’ functionality to its admin? Does it depend on number of members? Same admin of two groups has messaging enabled in one and disabled in another group.

Kindle Fire HD line will allow users to opt out of ‘Special Offers’

Amazon‘s Kindle presentation on Thursday featured a lot of big talking points, but one thing the company was understandably silent on was the “Special Offers” that will show on its new Kindle Fire HD line of tablets (along with the refresh of the original Kindle Fire). Subsidizing devices by showing ads isn’t anything new for […]

NASA to allow students to name an asteroid

Scientists at NASA tend to give objects such as asteroids exceptionally boring and difficult to remember names. For instance, NASA has a mission planned to launch in 2016 to send a spacecraft to near Earth asteroid currently called (101955) 1999 RQ36. That name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Scientists have decided to hold a […]

New Technique, Advanced Technology Hope To Allow For ‘Eye Writing’

For individuals with ALS and other motor neuron diseases the loss of speech and the inability to write can be the most traumatizing part of their disorder, a problem several researchers hope to end with the help of new “eye writing” technology. French researcher Jean Lorenceau, director of research in cognitive neuroscience at CNRS (the French […]

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