How do I get music frm ipod to itunes w/out loosing music already there from other ipod?

Question by watevhr: How do I get music frm ipod to itunes w/out loosing music already there from other ipod? I have music on itunes that is from an ipod that was stolen from me. I purchased another ipod (used)that has lots of music already on it. I want to put (sync) new ipod music […]

I am already using Google Drive to take notes, do I still need Evernote?

Google Drive is good enough for taking notes, right? The question I am already using Google Drive to take notes, do I still need Evernote? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Apple Rumored To Be Already Testing Golden Master Of iOS 6.1

Apple is already testing the final build of iOS 6.1, reports iFun. According to a “reliable source” of the German Apple-centric blog, the new beta of iOS 6.1 is currently being tested internally in Cupertino. The build in question is the fifth iOS 6.1 beta and is likely to be the golden master of the […]

Do I need to buy a new copy of Windows 8 for my new PC if I already installed on another system?

Okay my parts to my custom PC is coming in a couple of days. When Windows 8 came out late october, I bought it for the $ 14.99 promotional offer on my windows 7 x64 laptop. I did install Windows 8 on another partition on that laptop but did not like it and deleted it. My question […]

The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III

Intuitive, innovative, and stylish, the Galaxy S III is The Next Big Thing—and it’s already here. Learn more and join the community at facebook.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

Google Maps for iOS already number 1 in App Store

Google Maps for iOS has already grabbed the top spot in the App Store, only hours after being released, with demand for the mapping and navigation alternative proving sky-high. Currently occupying the number one position in free apps chart, with a 5-star rating based on over 8,000 reviews, the free download returns Google’s turn-by-turn navigation […]

Twitter photo filters tipped for holidays: Has Dorsey teased them already?

The increasingly bitter rivalry between Twitter  and Instagram may reach a peak before New Year celebrations kick off, sources hint, with the microblogging platform supposedly readying its own suite of photo filters for imminent launch. Twitter is aiming to reveal a selection of image tweaking tools that can fettle amateur shutterbugs’ shots prior to sharing, […]

6 Common Sense Reasons Why You Should Bank Online If You Aren’t Already [Opinion]

How do you usually do your banking? Do you drive to your bank? Do you wait in long lines, just to deposit one check? Do you receive monthly paper statements? Do you file away those statements into a filing cabinet for archiving purposes? What about paying bills – do you send checks through the mail? […]

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