Voyager’s Final Message – Crowd sourcing one world to reach another

Christopher Riley, film director/producer and Professor of Science and Media at the University of Lincoln’s School of Film & Media, is launching a global public call to action on Facebook www.facebook.com/voyagersfinalmessage. He wants to crowd source a short final message which he will invite NASA to send to the future by uploading it to the […]

Another Nail In The Coffin For Energy Companies As Solar Power Will Be As Cheap As Coal

Author of new book iDisrupted explains why advancements in technology will be the end of energy companies across the globe. London, UK (May 22, 2015) – iDisrupted – These are exciting times in the world of renewable energy, but it may not be so exciting for the major energy companies claims author of iDisrupted. Technological […]

What is another alternative to leica m9 camera?

Question by Joe P: What is another alternative to leica m9 camera? I like leica m9 camera. I think it is the best camera for me. with 50mm lens. somehow it makes nice photos. But what separates me from that camera is the price. it cost 1500 euro. What is the alternative camera that is […]

is the samsung galaxy s2 worth another £100 than the lg optimus 2x?

Question by laura!♥♥: is the samsung galaxy s2 worth another £100 than the lg optimus 2x? I really like the lg optimus 2x, people have said its a great phone, but they are saying the s2 is better… do you think the samsung is worth £100 ($ 160) more than the lg? Best answer: Answer […]

How do I wirelessly stream .avi videos from my laptop to my Sony Bravia in another room?

Question by Gunther: How do I wirelessly stream .avi videos from my laptop to my Sony Bravia in another room? I have a Toshiba Qosmio G30 laptop with a Netgear 802.11g wireless router. In another room, I have a Sony Bravia LCD TV and am tired of burning DVD’s on the laptop. Is there an […]

Meet Fynch: Not just another Twitter app

You can get a regular Twitter client that just replicates functionality anywhere, but what if you want something more? There are plenty of Twitter clients out there that aim to replace Twitter's official offering, often bringing along enhanced design and features — Fynch for Twitter goes in a different direction. The idea of Fynch is […]

Android’s Lead Over iOS Is Huge Worldwide, Another Reason For A Cheaper iPhone

In the global smartphone market, you have Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, and everyone else. During the fourth quarter of 2012 these two brands accounted for 92 percent of all smartphone shipments, according to Apple Insider. A new Strategy Analytics survey reveals that 70.1 percent of smartphones shipped during the last quarter of 2012 were […]

How can I regain access to our Facebook ads and profile/page management which was lost when we took over another page?

We have an old-school Facebook account that meant that we needed to have a profile created in order to create a Business Page. 3 Years later and now we created a separate business page that was managing a different product. When we tried to tie our original account to the management of the new Facebook […]

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