Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0: iPad mini rival arrives next month!

There’s a new tablet in town: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. Just like the iPad mini, it’s a portable slate with an eight inch screen, but it’s running the very latest version of Android – and it’s out next month. Read on for all the details, as well as the first pic! Samsung’s mobile boss […]

Nokia Drive: Free satnav arrives on HTC and Samsung Windows Phone!

If you’re rocking one of HTC or Samsung’s new Windows Phone 8 blowers, Christmas has come extremely early for you this year. Nokia Drive+ has just arrived for non-Nokia smartphones, so you can start using them as a free satnav. So long, Bing Maps! If you’re in the UK, US or Canada, Nokia Drive+ Beta […]

Growing Cannabis, Icelandic landscapes and the gentle art of Fitching – intoGardens Winter Episode arrives on the iPad

With thousands of downloads since its launch in October, intoGardens, the innovative iPad-only gardening title, unveils its second episode today. The winter episode boasts contributions from some of the biggest names in horticulture including Alys Fowler, Cleve West, Stephen Lacey and Mark Diacono. Costing £2.99 per issue, or £9.99 for an annual subscription, intoGardens is […]

Mysterious BlackBerry 10 device arrives at FCC

Those who have been following the development of BlackBerry 10 might like to know that a new device has arrived at the FCC. Its model number is RFH121LW, but other than that, we don’t know much about this phone. The documents that accompany the filing are merely an exposure report and its appendices, along with […]

Angry Birds Star Wars arrives on Facebook

If you can’t get enough Angry Birds Star Wars action on your phone or tablet, then you’ll be pleased to know that it landed on Facebook today. Now you can play through Rovio‘s take on the Star Wars universe with your Facebook profile, letting everyone know about it in the process. You’re getting mostly the […]

Angry Birds Star Wars Silently Arrives On Facebook [Updates]

Are you a fan of Angry Birds Star Wars? Even if you’re an official fan of the game’s Page on Facebook, you might not yet know that the game is now available on a brand new platform: that’s right, Facebook itself. As of today, you can play Angry Birds Star Wars beta right on Facebook, […]

McAfee arrives in the United States after stint in Guatemalan jail

The McAfee saga has come to a semi-satisfying end, with the antivirus pioneer-turned-fugitive arriving safely in the United States after fleeing police in Belize and ending up in a Guatemalan detention center. Reuters is reporting that American Airlines passengers claim McAfee touched download in Miami earlier today. Says witnesses, the 67-year-old was escorted by security […]

Next Mass Effect game arrives late 2014 to mid-2015, BioWare says

We’ve officially known that BioWare is working on another Mass Effect game since studio co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced their departure, but so far details have been few and far between. Details are still pretty scarce, but we’re finding out today that the game will ship in late-2014 at the earliest but possibly […]

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