How can I submit articles to websites and magazines for publishing?

Hi – I’m thinking of doing some writing, and I’d like to do it for people that are interested enough in my writing and what I have to say to pay me for it. I think I could probably write some good MUO articles, and some good articles about using selected music software products. How […]

NewsWhip Ranks Over 100,000 Web Articles By Popularity on Social Networks

NewsWhip Ranks Over 100,000 Web Articles By Popularity on Social Networks Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 11th, 2013 [ permalink ] Universal App – Designed for iPhone and iPad Here’s a fascinating new way to see what’s important out there on the web: NewsWhip, a new app that ranks news articles by the number […]

Send To Kindle By Klip.me: Take All Your “To Read” Articles On The Go Without An Internet Connection [Chrome]

Before the time of Kindles, we usually read everything solely on our computers. And perhaps you still do this. However, if you own a Kindle, such as the Kindle Touch which doesn’t have the best web interface (and that’s only when you’re around a Wi-Fi connection) you might still be disappointed in it’s reading capabilities. […]

Facebook tops list of most-viewed Wikipedia articles in 2012

We turned to our old pal Wikipedia a lot this year, but judging from a list of the most-viewed Wikipedia articles in 2012 put together by Johan Gunnarsson, some of the pages we visited most might surprise you. Wikipedia doesn’t rank its pages at the end of the year like so many other sites do, […]

Quickly Digest Longer Articles With Summly [iPhone]

There are situations that are especially well suited to catch up with the latest news and other reading. Over morning coffee, when you’re on the move during commute, or whenever you find a free minute of time. Paper print already faces opposition from the tablet market, but what about your mobile phones? They’re ideal to […]

Shelf Control: How To Read Your Read-Later Articles On Your Favorite E-Reading App

Last week’s installment of Shelf Control, which was actually the inaugural installment, was inspired by the name of the column itself. Now, this week’s installment of Shelf Control is inspired by the shared App Store description of a couple of apps released yesterday. It goes: Read-later services are a great way for saving your favorite […]

What Kinds Of Articles Would You Like To See More Of On MakeUseOf? [MakeUseOf Poll]

Last week we asked you how often you usually check your email. It seems that there are no big favorites when it comes to this topic, and all the possible results got a fair amount of votes out of the nearly 500 we received in total. So what was the exact breakdown? Out of 461 […]

Why can’t MUO articles be shared on Facebook like normal posts?

Earlier I could share MUO articles to my timeline, in a friend’s wall or to a group. But now I can only ‘like’ an article and it comes up as “…read an article..” on my Facebook timeline. It would be better if I could share some posts from Geeky Fun to a humor group that […]

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