What companies create produce or assemble components of the PS3?

Question by NevergotoIrishMikesAuto: What companies create produce or assemble components of the PS3? Okay so I’ve been trying to figure out where the parts of the PS3 are actually created, such as the motherboard, CPU’s, graphics cards, memory, so on and so forth. Let me be clear I’m not looking for “in China or Taiwan”; […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 Disassemble Repair & Assemble – Screen & Case Replacement

Glass Screen Only? youtu.be Buy New Screen = Search Google shopping for ‘galaxy s2 digitizer’ If you buy one with the metal frame it will save lots of work. Dial *#0*# on your keypad to enter Diagnostics Skip Intro 0:40 Back Cover Off 1:56 (search Google shopping for galaxy s2 housing) Screen Test 3:20 Headphone/Earpiece […]

Star Wars Episode 7 cast begins to assemble

We’ve begun our long in-depth search through the waves of both legitimate and falsified information coming in surrounding Star Wars Episode VII, the first in a series of three films born of Disney’s recent acquisition of Lucasfilm. What we’re seeing here extremely early on in the game is very few solid details and an overflow […]

Tinker With Gizmos And Gadgets Galore As You Assemble An Army Of Robot Buddies In Gizmonauts

Having taught you how to train your dragons with DragonVale for over a year now, Backflip Studios is set to teach you how to assemble your robots in Gizmonauts. “Since we were little kids,” Backflip Studios maintains, “we’ve all dreamed of a distant future filled with amazing, lovable robots.” Well, according to the popular game […]

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