Giant asteroid will buzz the Earth on February 15

NASA and other space agencies around the world are always on the lookout for giant asteroids headed towards the Earth. NASA recently reported that a gigantic and very fast asteroid will zip past the Earth on February 15. The asteroid is called 2012 DA14. The massive asteroid weighs approximately 143,000 tons and measures 148 feet […]

Herschel Space Observatory finds Apophis asteroid is larger than believed

The large Apophis asteroid passed by Earth a few days ago, some 9,000,000 miles from our fair planet. The asteroid, which is named after an Egyptian demon, was said to measure 270 to 275 meters wide. The European Space Astronomy Center’s Herschel Space Observatory observed as it neared, however, that it is much larger than […]

Astronomers discover two asteroid belts around Vega

If you’re a sky watcher, you may be familiar with Vega. Vega is the fifth brightest star in the sky. Astronomers have recently made an interesting discovery that has to do with Vega. Using data from the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope and the ESA Herschel Space Observatory, astronomers have discovered that Vega has two asteroid […]

275 m wide asteroid will buzz the Earth today

Scientists and astronomers are getting ready for a large 275 m wide asteroid to make a cosmically close approach to the Earth today. The asteroid is called Apophis, named after a mythological Egyptian demon. The asteroid won’t get any closer than roughly 9,000,000 miles from the Earth and there is no chance of the asteroid […]

Asteroid the size of a house to pass Earth tonight

Tonight, an asteroid the size of a house – dubbed 2012 TC4 by NASA – will pass by Earth, coming in at one-quarter of the distance between the moon and this rock we call home (aka, 59,000 miles). The 2012 TC4 asteroid was discovered on October 4th, and scientists say it does not pose a […]

Asteroid dust could be used to fight climate change on Earth

A group of scientists from Scotland have suggested a unique approach to fighting global warming here on earth. The scientists believe that the answer to global warming on Earth is a giant dust cloud blasted from an asteroid to act as a sunshade for Earth. According to the scientists, a project that reduced the amount […]

NASA to allow students to name an asteroid

Scientists at NASA tend to give objects such as asteroids exceptionally boring and difficult to remember names. For instance, NASA has a mission planned to launch in 2016 to send a spacecraft to near Earth asteroid currently called (101955) 1999 RQ36. That name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Scientists have decided to hold a […]

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