ExceleratedS2P expands its presence as a global provider through the acquisition of Source2Pay, an Australian based Source2Pay Consulting Firm.

London, UK, November 8, 2016 – ExceleratedS2P, the global provider of solutions in Source-to-Pay, announces its entry into Asia Pacific through an acquisition of an Australian Source to Pay company. The acquisition will provide ExceleratedS2P with additional experienced SAP and Ariba resources, a presence in the Asia Pacific region and supply chain expertise, which will […]

ABA – Australian Bulk Alliance

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Google Maps Leads Australian Drivers Down Dangerous One Way Road

Google Maps is stranding drivers in Australia’s outback. Police in Colac, a city west of Melbourne, have reported various problems with the popular mapping software. According to police officers the maps have provided incorrect directions which have endangered drivers along the Great Ocean Road and in southern Otways. According to Sergeant Nick Buenen, Google Maps […]

Australian Police Warn Drivers Not To Rely On Apple’s iOS 6 Maps App [Updates]

Police in the Australian state of Victoria have recently warned drivers about the potential dangers of relying on Apple’s notoriously unfinished Maps app bundled with iOS 6. In a news story posted on the Victorian Police News website, authorities from the remote town of Mildura warned that the navigation app has been diverting drivers 70 […]

Australian Police Issue Warning Against Apple Maps

Australian police issued a warning today against using Apple Maps after responding to numerous stranded motorists in the Murray-Sunset National Park. A flaw in the application sent tourists 45 miles away from their intended destination of Mildura, Australia and into the dangerous outback. Temperatures in the region can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit and some of the […]

Australian scientists undiscover small Pacific island

With the modern age of satellite mapping and Google Maps, you might expect that the map of Earth’s landmass, including islands, around the globe is correctly and accurately mapped. However, it appears that errors in mapping do occur as evidenced by a group of geologists from the University of Sydney who undiscovered a small Pacific […]

Australian man sets world record with 135-hour Black Ops II marathon

If you think you’re spending a lot of time playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II, you better think again. Okan Kaya, a sales manager at 4Cabling in Australia, claims to have broken the world record for the longest gaming marathon ever, in which he played Black Ops II for 135 hours, 50 minutes straight. […]

Panasonic to offer live broadcast of Australian total solar eclipse next month

Panasonic has announced that it plans to live broadcast a total solar eclipse from Australia next month. One of the most interesting things about the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse is that Panasonic will use its solar panel technology and lithium-ion batteries to power the broadcast. That means Panasonic will be filming the […]

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