How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes in forecasting in the contact center

According to Nick Brook at Teleopti, resource forecasting in contact centers needn’t be a complicated affair. Start by avoiding the most common mistakes and stick to the basics. Today’s contact centers are complicated beasts. The people working in them are expected to be super-agents with multiple skills and knowledge. While customers expect to receive consistent […]

Employees Should Consider Cleaning Up Their Profiles To Avoid The Potentially Career-Limiting Impact of Facebook Graph Search, Suggests Punch

Following the launch of Graph Search, which enables searches within Facebook based on individuals’ likes, interests and past activity, users should swiftly take a look at their profile and privacy settings to ensure that they are not surprised by being associated with undesirable subjects in search results, advises integrated PR, search and social media agency […]

Japanese Game Developers Avoid XBLA Due To Weak Dollar

Japanese game developers have purposely avoided crafting games for the Xbox LIVE Arcade due to the weak US dollar. Whenever Microsoft issues payments for titles purchased through its online service, the company cuts checks based on the dollar instead of the actual value of the game. According to Cinema Blend, Japanese developers say they don’t […]

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes When Buying A New Computer

I built a new computer a few years ago. I’ve always considered myself above average in the tech field, but looking back, I have a few regrets with the system I built – some of my decisions could’ve been much better. Even if you’re thinking of buying a computer, not building one, you could be […]

Winter Is Coming, Avoid The Cold Weather Blues By Playing Some Ski Safari [iPhone]

For those of us living in the northern hemisphere, winter is upon us. That means the holiday season is right around the corner, and Christmas music has already begun playing in department stores all over the place. Winter also means that the cold weather is coming, and for some people, that’s just terrible. I am […]

Google Cancels Press Conference To Avoid Hurricane Sandy

Google has cancelled its planned New York City Android event which was scheduled to go down just three hours before Microsoft held a press release of its own. Google is cancelling its event because of Hurricane Sandy. Microsoft instead will have Wednesday all to its own when it debuts the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS […]

4 Serious Health Issues From Sitting Too Long & How To Avoid Them

When you work at any job that requires long hours sitting at a computer – programming, accounting, writing – it is very easy to stay in that one position for eight to nine working hours every day. Sure, you might get up for  a drink of water, a bathroom break, or for lunch, but I’m […]

Progressive Called Out On Twitter, Tumblr For Defending Insured’s Killer To Avoid Payout To Victim’s Family

Insurance company Progressive has been exposed to the double-edged sword that is the power of social media, after a comedian told a story about his sister’s death and the ensuing legal struggles with the company to make good on their policy on Tumblr, garnering the tale some unwanted Twitter and Tumblr attention. Back in 2010, […]

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