Unified Communications provider Swyx aims to become European market leader, after being acquired by Waterland

Private equity investor Waterland has acquired Swyx Solutions, a pan-European manufacturer of unified communications solutions for medium-sized companies. As a result the deal will enable Waterland to strengthen its software and IT portfolio and for Swyx it will open new opportunities for European expansion. Swyx is a leading manufacturer and developer of software solutions that […]

Is the Motorola Droid 2 still being made?

Question by Alex: Is the Motorola Droid 2 still being made? I had a Motorola Droid 2, but it has water damage. I have insurance from Best Buy, which they replace my phone if it’s unrepairable with a new model of the phone I have, but if the Droid 2 isn’t available anymore, I might […]

Is there any way I can factory reset my eeepad slider without being able to get past the password screen?

Question by sammy: Is there any way I can factory reset my eeepad slider without being able to get past the password screen? I recently came back from a vacation and forgot the password to my eee pad slider http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_Pad/Eee_Pad_Slider_SL101/ Is there any way I can attempt to retrieve my password, bypass the security screen, […]

Microsoft Outlook For Windows RT Currently Being Tested

Microsoft Windows RT users may soon have access to a native version of MS Outlook. When first released Microsoft chose to skip over a functional email client for its lower powered tablet OS release. The software giant is already believed to be testing a free version of Office that will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel and […]

Which webcam glasses are best for a.) taking best quality video b.) being unobtrusive?

I’ve seen a number of videos which are taken from the perspective of the user (e.g. skiing and skateboarding). Which webcam glasses are: 1.) most commonly used for this purpose 2.) provide the best results (given your particular experience with different products) 3.) are the most unobtrusive – if you wanted to wear them throughout […]

Try Being Me offers an interactive look at dyslexia

To accompany a Newsround report on children suffering from dyslexia, the BBC has posted an interactive series of browser games which simulate the experience of suffering from the disability. Titled Try Being Me, the games present creative interpretations of the symptoms of dyslexia, such as memory loss and the confusion with reading and decoding written […]

Internet-Connected HDTVs Not Being Used For Internet Browsing, NPD Says

NPD’s latest Connected Intelligence Application & Convergence report suggest that despite internet-connect HDTV’s becoming more popular, very few buyers actually use those set-tops to access the internet. The report finds that a majority of TV owners access video media but fall short of other services that have grown to include mapping, gaming, shopping, social networking […]

‘War Z’ Developer Apologizes For Being ‘Blinded’ By Early Success

The developers of the embattled zombie PC game The War Z have issued an extremely long apology to fans over the debacle that was the title’s launch. The open letter to gamers, fans, and customers addresses a number of the problems the company has faced since the game’s release. According to Cinema Blend, executive producer […]

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