Helping Contact Centres Become More Valued Assets, the latest blog from Puzzel

Contact centres and those in them work hard. In fact they are obsessive about efficiency and reduced cost to serve. That’s the problem – too much attention on the wrong thing. While contact centres remain content to act as a dustpan and brush to the rest of the organisation, they will always be under appreciated […]

What’s a good visitor loyalty program for my blog?

Makeuseof has one of the best visitor loyalty program. I want to install one for my Meme Blog. Punchtab is good one, but it has some limitations in free version and paid subscription is expensive $ 99/mnth. So, guide me to create an loyalty program for a blog. Or let me know who can build […]

How to add a ‘How to Download’ feature like MakeUseOf to allow downloading after sharing to my WordPress blog?

I wan to add something similar to guide download on MakeUseOf, in which download link appears after sharing or subscribing. I have a free WordPress blog where I want to share my own created PDF files. The question How to add a ‘How to Download’ feature like MakeUseOf to allow downloading after sharing to my […]

How can I add an animated wecome page to my Blogger blog?

I want to add an animated welcome page to my blog in Blogger. After pressing Enter on this page, visitors should go to my blog’s original home page. How can I do this? Please help! The question How can I add an animated wecome page to my Blogger blog? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

How can I remove Clicksor ads from my blog?

Sir question is that, I have a great problem since a month. I have an account with Clicksor and it has given me the ads. I have put those ads in my blogger template and forget where I put those ads. When anyone visit my website and clicks any of the link, Clicksor ads opens […]

4 Disqus Widgets That Will Encourage More Comments On Your Blog

Blogging is really hard work. There’s no getting around that fact. Between the technical work involved in designing and maintaining a website, producing regular content on a frequent basis, and editing the work of any writers that you have working for you, the effort is massive. That effort really starts to pay off once you […]

Distributing Your Blog Content: The Best Auto-Posting Services

Are you a blogger? What about a blogger of multiple blogs? Some of us just have one blog, but perhaps you have a personal blog along with others in niche areas such as technology, cooking, fitness, and so on. Even if you have two blogs, you can be quite busy keeping up with writing, connecting […]

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