Federal regulators want black boxes in cars made after September 2014

We mentioned earlier this month that rumors were circulating that the federal government would move to place event data recorders inside new vehicles. Federal regulators are now proposing that all new automobiles sold in the US after September of 2014 will be required to be equipped with these event data recorders. The recorders are somewhat […]

NHTSA expected to propose mandatory black boxes in vehicles

Rumor has it the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is about to propose a regulation that would require EDR (event data recorders), more commonly known as black boxes, to be installed in all new light trucks and cars. The EDRs will be similar to those used in aircraft, and will provide essential data in the […]

Apple In Talks To Provide Set-Top Boxes For Cable Operators

If Apple has its way, we will soon be staring at Apple created set-top cable boxes as we watch our favorite TV programming. The tech firm is believed to be in talks with various cable companies to provide their next generation set-top boxes. According to the  Wall Street Journal, the tech firm has not reached any deals […]

Why do NY-area Cablevision basic-tier customers now need cable boxes?

Why do NY-area Cablevision basic-tier customers now need cable boxes? Traditionally, all cable-TV subscribers have had the option, mandated by the FCC, of receiving an unencrypted basic tier of OTA (over the air) channels, which lets them receive the channels without renting a cable box or CableCard, provided the TV is equipped with a QAM […]

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