Keep Your Brain Healthy for Longer with Good Hearing

This Brain Awareness Week, hearing aid technology innovators, Oticon, explain how today’s hearing aids are improving the performance and long term health of the brain by delivering sound in the most effective way. Much research today shows that using hearing aids to address hearing loss can actually delay the onset of serious illnesses such as […]

Flow Free – A Game That Gets The Brain Juices Flowing [iOS]

Games are designed to be fun. No matter what other motivations you have when you sit down and play a game, the number one motivator is always going to be having fun. Of course, while fun might be the primary motivator, there are some other reasons to boot up a game as well. Maybe you […]

Human Brain Evolution

source: bonkersworld The post Human Brain Evolution appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Apparatus: Build Amazing Machines To Perform Simple Tasks In This Brain Puzzler [Android]

If you have ever played with LEGO or a Meccano set and have loved the brain-stimulating challenge, then Apparatus for Android is right up your alley. Apparatus is a game of logic and creativity. When you combine both these two, you can be sure that it’s also a game that’s a sure shot booster for […]

Amazing Brain Trainer Game – Alex Florins

Amazing Brain Trainer Game Alex Florins Genre: Games Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: January 17, 2013 © © MafiaSpin

CES 2013: MUSE Lets You Play Mind Games Using Just Your Brain

Las Vegas, NV – Thought-controlled computing firm InteraXon debuted the Muse brain sensing headband at CES 2013. This unique device wraps around your forehead and takes you through brain exercises on a screen, controlled not with a handheld or those cumbersome thumbs, but with the power of your mind. “It’s a sleek, comfortable, four-sensor headband […]

Fit Brains Trainer Review – Is your brain as fit as your body?

Fitbrains.com is a website known for their personalized brain training and with their games being played over 75 million times, no wonder CNN, CBS and Discover Magazine had them featured. The new iOS release Fit Brains Trainer packs up all their goodies into an offline capsule, available for iPhone and iPad. Like many other similar apps, […]

Google Making Kids Brain Dead: Inventor

Google is making children “fairly brain dead” because they are losing to ability to make things with their hands. That’s the opinion of Trevor Baylis, 75, who invented the wind-up radio and other devices. According to London’s Daily Mail, Baylis believes kids are spending too much time on their computers and thereby becoming way too […]

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