Japan To Launch World’s First 4K Television Broadcast In July 2014

The Japanese government plans to launch the world’s first 4K television broadcast in July 2014. According to GadgetBox, the first 4K television broadcast is two years ahead of schedule. The broadcast will hopefully stir up more demand for the ultra-high-definition TVs. The service will begin from communications satellites, followed by satellite broadcasting and ground digital […]

TuneIn Radio Takes Traditional Broadcast To Mobile [iOS]

I’m a radio fanboy, and I’m not afraid to say it. Sure, my iPhone has a modest music collection, and I’m even a Spotify listener. However, nothing beats jumping into the car and listening to the static-filled FM waves while going down the highway. Of course, after looking at my gasometer as of late, I […]

TV Archive: Search And Watch Every American News Broadcast Since 2009

Quickly search for and watch any sentence spoken on American TV news since 2009. It’s the latest offering from The Internet Archive, and it simply needs to be seen in order to be believed. CNN, Fox New,s and MSNBC’s broadcast schedule in its entirety is backed up here, as is every major network’s nightly news […]

Boston IT Solutions present the Supermicro®FatTwin™ optimised to provide extreme processing density for enhanced rendering performance at Broadcast India 2012

Mumbai, India (October 12, 2012).Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Limited, now in its 20th year as distribution partner for Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI), are proud to showcase their latest range of server, storage and hybrid GPU-compute workstation solutions designed to enhance the creative experience at the 22nd Broadcast India event in Mumbai; including the […]

Panasonic to offer live broadcast of Australian total solar eclipse next month

Panasonic has announced that it plans to live broadcast a total solar eclipse from Australia next month. One of the most interesting things about the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse is that Panasonic will use its solar panel technology and lithium-ion batteries to power the broadcast. That means Panasonic will be filming the […]

Boston IT Solutions unleash their latest Venom 2304-7T workstation at Broadcast India 2012, powered by NVIDIA® Maximus™ Technology, that revolutionises design & performance for digital creative professionals

Mumbai, India (October 11, 2012).Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Limited, now in its 20th year as distribution partner for Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI), is proud to announce an exciting new addition to their Venom range of high performance workstations at Broadcast India 2012; the NVIDIA® Maximus™-powered Venom 2300-series.For more information and a demonstration visit […]

FCC approves auction to reclaim broadcast TV spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has begun — what looks to be — a long process of reclaiming broadcast television spectrum. The process will essentially involve paying television broadcasters to give up some of their public airwaves voluntarily. They will then be auctioned off to wireless carriers to use for internet service. The FCC has […]

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