SendTab: Push Browser Tabs Between Devices and Browsers

Apps that enable you to send contact information and files from one device to another have been available for years now, but when it comes to sharing websites, email is often the best bet. Yup: if you want to open the page you’re looking at on your computer in your phone’s browser, often the easiest […]

If Web Browsers Were Women

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Why can’t I install this Windows security fix and why are browsers misbehaving?

I tried to install KB2732487 but it always shows me a 8024200D error and I am also having problems while browsing. All browsers suddenly stop working and a Windows message box appears saying end task. While other programs work well and my computer is fast, browsers don’t tend to work well. Asus laptop, Windows 7 […]

The Best Galleries and Photo Browsers for Tablets

I was really excited to get a tablet because I was finally able to show off my photography portfolio to clients in a sophisticated manner — no clunky laptops or slow-to-load websites and galleries to worry about. It’s also a great way to accompany your vacation stories when you meet friends and family, discuss a […]

How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to the “Back” button in Windows Explorer and different web browsers?

I find myself navigating large directories constantly, and every time I want to go back, I have to move the mouse really far! (Sounds lazy, maybe – but laziness is not the issue here, speed is : ) I’d like to be able to do this on all platforms – Windows XP and WIn 7, […]

Gmail Service Goes Down. Also Starts Crashing Chrome Browsers

Google’s Gmail service went down on Monday morning, forcing many Google users to experience outages and slow email load times. The service went down at approximately noon Eastern time for approximately 10 minutes. Google restored service only to have it fail once again, disabling access to mail.google.com. The Google Gmail mobile service also appeared to […]

How can I stop multiple Chrome browsers from running in the background?

Lately when we turn the computer off we’ll have to “end task” of two or more Google Chrome running in the background (we use Windows XP pro). I just used my program SIW & was shocked to find a large amount of busy ports. 3 ports established for Chrome, 1 established for Google Talk plugin, […]


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