I got a new TV LCD for xmas and I hear a buzz come from the back vent?

Question by TYL3R: I got a new TV LCD for xmas and I hear a buzz come from the back vent? Its the LG 42LK450 and I use it mostly to play games like final fantasy XIII-2 but when the screen gets brighter the buzz will get a little more noticeable and I can hear […]

Giant asteroid will buzz the Earth on February 15

NASA and other space agencies around the world are always on the lookout for giant asteroids headed towards the Earth. NASA recently reported that a gigantic and very fast asteroid will zip past the Earth on February 15. The asteroid is called 2012 DA14. The massive asteroid weighs approximately 143,000 tons and measures 148 feet […]

275 m wide asteroid will buzz the Earth today

Scientists and astronomers are getting ready for a large 275 m wide asteroid to make a cosmically close approach to the Earth today. The asteroid is called Apophis, named after a mythological Egyptian demon. The asteroid won’t get any closer than roughly 9,000,000 miles from the Earth and there is no chance of the asteroid […]

Get the Buzz with NewsBee

There are lots of RSS readers in the App Store, and with each release, it seems they’re each more feature-rich and impressive. What if you don’t need all of the bells and whistles and the sometimes hefty price tag? What if you just need to know when the sites you’re interested in get an update? […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) – After The Buzz, Episode 5

Those who can’t see the annotations: we know about the narration error that calls out the device’s age as 1.5 years. Should read: “half-a-year.” Thanks! (Full Description Below) Rarely does anyone go back to a device reviewed weeks ago to tell you what to expect after a couple of battle scars and real world usage. […]

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