What are the memory cards used for the Playstation Vita for?

Question by gamerkilla08: What are the memory cards used for the Playstation Vita for? Well, I heard that there are going to be memory cards for the playstation vita. But what is it for? It is for downloadable games, pictures, music, videos? Will I be able to just buy a game and save my progress […]

Is it possible to unlock samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket to use with international sim cards?

Question by cutiepie: Is it possible to unlock samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket to use with international sim cards? I want to buy a samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket (yes, the skyrocket one) without a plan, and I want to use it in Russia. (I will buy it in USA and go to Russia with it). Can […]

Birthday Cards by Cleverbug – personalized, printed, delivered

Cleverbug allows you to send printed, personalized birthday cards straight from your mobile phone. We use the power of Facebook to create an entire store of cards for each of your friends, fill them with their Facebook photos, and mail your chosen design to anywhere in the world. Plus, you get your first card free! […]

What happens to Android apps installed on my SD card if I switch cards?

Apps installed either on my phone’s memory or SD card memory are shown as ‘apps installed’ under the ‘my android apps’ tab on my Google account. If I want to change my SD card, I can simply uninstall them on older card and re-install them after inserting the new card – right? What would happen if the […]

Cleverly Send Birthday Cards To Your Facebook Friends With Cleverbug

Apps for sending cards and e-cards are certainly nothing new, as evidenced by the variety of apps included in our, er, Apps for Sending Cards and E-Cards AppList. But a recently released card app called Cleverbug aims to be a cut above the rest by harnessing the power of the largest social network in the […]

Spread Holiday Cheer With Cards From Your iOS Devices

Going to the drug store to buy cards is so outdated. Nowadays, you can find or make your own personalized cards using just your iPad or iPhone! Even better, many apps let you use your own photos for a truly unique end product. Whether you want to send your greetings over the internet, postal mail, […]

How can I efficiently print unique greeting cards with names using Publisher 2010?

I want to make some greeting cards for some friends, but i would like that each card say something like “Dear [insert name here]” and each card would have a diferent name. These cards would be the size of a business card, so I would print several of them on one Letter sized paper. I […]

Memory Cards

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