Keysource Awarded Major Contract to Design Nationwide Network of Data Centres Throughout China

Chayora, a Hong Kong-based data centre infrastructure company, has chosen Keysource as its lead design consultancy partner for a nationwide network of world-class, licensed data centre campuses in some of China’s most important cities. These will enable international online companies to effectively access the vast and rapidly developing Chinese market, providing the most reliable and […]

How to call a mobile Phone in China from TANZANIA?

Question by Florian: How to call a mobile Phone in China from TANZANIA? I need to call the mobile phone in China(Shenzen city) but I don’t know how to call mobile phone in all china I don’t know the china mobile phone code no: please help me. Thanks in Advance. Best answer: Answer by nostarYou […]

When the Xiaomi Mi 2 will be buy able in china ?

Question by רועי: When the Xiaomi Mi 2 will be buy able in china ? My family member is in China right now, when the Xiaomi Mi 2 will out in china to shops ? Best answer: Answer by HuhooSet limit to sale in late October. I am also very much anticipated. What do you […]

Would i be able to use my kindle touch 3g network in china ?

Question by WiNtEr: Would i be able to use my kindle touch 3g network in china ? I have a Kindle touch 3G and i was wondering if i could use my kindle JUST on the 3G network in china ? Best answer: Answer by George YNo, because the Kindle free 3g connection is dedicated […]

Becrypt appoints new Distributor in Hong Kong and Greater China region

New partnership agreement supports Becrypt’s expansion to meet growing demand for encryption solutions in Far East London, UK, 29 January, 2013 – Becrypt, the market leading supplier of cyber security solutions to the UK Government, Ministry of Defence, public and commercial sectors has today announced a new partnership with IT Webster, a technology company that […]

ZTE launches the Blade C smartphone in China

ZTE has launched a new handset in China, one of several the company announced and rolled out this year. The Blade C is its latest offering, a solid mid-range handset currently available in China and destined for Europe. Its biggest selling point will no doubt be its price at a low $ 110. The Blade […]

Meanwhile in China

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Developer fired for outsourcing job to China

It might seem like a crazy stunt that you would never think anyone would pull off, but it officially happened. A developer at an undisclosed “critical infrastructure company” was caught outsourcing his job to China for less than one-fifth of his six-figure salary. From there, the developer could sit back and relax. A 2012 case […]

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