North West Hampshire Business Set to Make Personal Injury Claims Scientific

CEO of Aldermaston-based Beacon Independent Medical Examiners Phillip Kizun met today with Kit Malthouse, MP for North West Hampshire, to discuss how personal injury claims are reported in the UK and the need to tackle rising insurance premiums. Beacon Independent Medical Examiners (Beacon IME) is determined to drive down the cost of expensive insurance premiums […]

North London Tax Professional Questions George Osborne Brexit Claims

A North London tax professional has responded to the latest “Brexit” claims from George Osborne stating that leaving the EU would cost UK households £4,300 a year making them “permanently poorer” and would leave Britain with diminished influence and less trade. On Monday the Treasury published its long-awaited document on estimates of what leaving the […]

JOLT is a brand new technology product, set to save £millions in fraudulent motor claims

P-PR Media Solutions Ltd A Jolt for the insurance industry In recent years insurance companies have experienced an epidemic in fraudulent motor insurance claims, a new technology launched this Autumn is all set to turn the tide and ultimately reduce driver premiums. A revolutionary new platform for motor claims that harnesses the power of an […]

Google’s ‘Internet in the Sky’ Will Disrupt Traditional Telecommunications Companies and Make a Mockery of BT/EE merger Claims Author of New Book.

Google’s ‘Internet in the Sky’ Will Disrupt Traditional Telecommunications Companies and Make a Mockery of BT/EE merger Claims Author of New Book. iDisrupted author, John Straw claims that as Project Loon starts to look very real, Google has become a huge threat to traditional telecommunications operators across the globe. London, UK (1 May, 2015) – […]

Online retailer claims to have Google Glass available for rent starting April 30th

If you’ve been dying to get your grubby little mits on Google Glass, but life never provided you the opportunity to 1. become a developer, or 2. possess the disposable income to shell out $ 1,500 for one — good news! It appears as if online retailer Borrowlenses.com is expecting to get receive some Glass […]

Rockstar reportedly threatened to sue TV show over LA Noire name, Take-Two denies claims

Director and writer Frank Darabont, best known for Green Mile and The Walking Dead TV series, claimed that Rockstar Games threatened to sue him and the TNT network for creating a TV show called LA Noir, which Rockstar thought that was too close for comfort with their video game LA Noire. However, Take-Two Interactive, which […]

Kim Dotcom Claims 1 Million ‘Mega’ Users In First 24 Hours

Kim Dotcom has announced that his new Mega service has attracted more than 1 million users since launching just 24 hours ago. The website located at Mega.co.nz is the founders response to the United States Department of Justice’s shut down of popular file sharing service MegaUpload. First adopters to the Mega service receive an industry leading […]

Mega claims 1 million users on day one

According to none other than Kim Dotcom himself, Megaupload’s replacement Mega has attained 1 million users in the first day it’s been active. This of course includes those users that got early access, and the announcement was made at Dotcom’s own mansion in New Zealand at a conference clad with fireworks and scantily clad ladies. […]

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