A fully functioning website in 10 or less clicks. Is the future of the self-managed website here today?

No install files, no configuration, no database, no hosting. The creation of a professional website using only user clicks has arrived on the scene. New CMS system Mixudo.com has arrived into the out of the box web scene, with seemingly no barriers to entry and a host of high performance features. Out of the box […]

Watermarker Makes Images Your Own with a Few Clicks

Photographers and designers merely create. It’s up to the consumer to enjoy what these creators have prepared for them. Now, there comes a time when people would rather steal images than purchase them rightly. There’s also the moment the creator realizes he’d much rather have his name on what he’s made so that the world […]

Too Many Clicks? Follow These Tips To Save Time With Gmail’s New Compose

In a recent poll we held here at MakeUseOf, we found that over 75% of you already use Gmail’s new compose. By reading that poll’s comments, I’ve also gathered that while many of you are using the new compose, there are things many of you find annoying. The most common complaint, and one which I […]

Save A Few Clicks Everytime You Want To Enlarge A Thumbnail With Hover Zoom [Chrome]

Extensions and add-ons serve a singular purpose. They are at the end of the day meant to make our lives easier. They are productivity tools. But you may ask yourself, how much of it can I add by saving a few clicks here and there when I want to enlarge a thumbnail or zoom into […]

YouTube search rankings no longer based on clicks

The days of using thumbnails of scantily-clad and well-endowed women to drive clicks to your YouTube videos – thereby placing them higher in the search results – are over. Today, YouTube announced that it’s changing what it bases its search rankings on. Instead of determining search placement by looking at the number of clicks a […]

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