Codeworks Coding Bootcamp announces free JavaScript courses for furloughed UK workers

London — To support UK workers currently furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic Codeworks, a leading European coding bootcamp, is offering companies support to upskill their workforce with a free introductory course to coding. Available online, the course teaches the basics of JavaScript, one of the most widely-used and in-demand programming languages, in around 15 […]

What are the best sites to ask detailed coding questions from an experienced user base?

What are the best websites to ask detailed coding questions from an experienced user base ? I’m looking for something as useful as MakeUseOf, but with regard to particular coding questions, such as: “What are some available libraries that I would need to help me code a library to…XYZ” Of course, I realize these websites […]

What is the best way to build an iPhone app without coding?

Whats the best online app builder for apps for iPhone, iPad and Android that will let me avoid coding? Thanks. The question What is the best way to build an iPhone app without coding? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Coding With Music

via: commitstrip The post Coding With Music appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Is there any easy way to create Android apps without coding experience?

Like if a person likes to create an app of a feature say, push notification of a changing rss feed, is there a web app or software which easily helps to make an app rather than doing the core development details?

INFOGRAPHIC: Rise of Coding : Why We Should All Learn A Little Code

One of the entries on my New Year resolutions this year is to learn how to code. With it being October tomorrow, I am rapidly running out of time if I am going to make the December 31st deadline for getting started.  But my procrastination is partly due to the fact that I look upon […]

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