2013 New Year’s Resolutions For Top Tech Companies

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Telepresence Robots Let Companies Create Work Environment Thousands Of Miles Away

Telepresence robots may soon allow companies to create their own work environment from thousands of miles away. One man, engineer Dallas Goecker, already does this. Goecker attends meetings, roams the office building, and jokes with his colleagues, just like any other employee at his company in California. The only catch is, Goecker is actually more […]

CGI and CloudApps team up to help UK quoted companies report Greenhouse Gases

Whitepaper outlines what listed companies must do to prepare for new law LONDON, UK 13 DECEMBER 2012 – CloudApps, the multi award winning provider of sustainability performance management software, has announced an alliance in the UK with Logica, now part of CGI. The new alliance will help clients deliver cost effective, accurate reporting through the […]

Tech Companies As Christmas Icons

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Does Apple Inspire Greatness In Other Companies?

I’ve always been fascinated by the way Apple is viewed in the technology industry. The company is equally beloved by a massive fanbase that would defend it to its dying days and hated by those who refuse to believe Steve Jobs was really a visionary and Apple products are worth the price. Because of those […]

Tech companies launch map-blurring service in Germany due to privacy concerns

Back in May 2010, German authorities poked around the issue of what information Google collected via its Street View cars, eventually leading to the search engine giant’s admission that it pulled personal information from unsecured WiFi networks. Thus began what has been an ongoing series of privacy concerns in Germany regarding online map services like […]

Windows 8 Upgrade Troubles: Only 33% Of Companies Plan To Upgrade

Microsoft Windows 8 will only receive a 33% upgrade rate from corporate customers according to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research. The study gets even worse when 40% of surveyed potential customers said they have not even considered Windows 8 and 10% said they will skip the upgrade completely. To put that number into comparison […]

American Wireless Companies Are Ripping Off LTE Customers, Study Finds

4G LTE mobile data service in the United States is overpriced compared to every other country in the world. A new study conducted by the research arm of the GSM Association, an agency that represents mobile operators, examined the LTE service rates in the United States and several European countries. The agency found that data […]

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