I have just installed Whatsapp on my htc wildfire, and i am confused?

Question by Crazy S: I have just installed Whatsapp on my htc wildfire, and i am confused? I have installed the Whatsapp on my htc wildfire, and I was wondering if you can communicate with people who have blackberry messenger? Is it like the same thing? Best answer: Answer by vinsion ChenThere should be other […]

Even Amazon Gets The Samsung Galaxy S II And The iPhone Confused

With the release of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone around the corner, I’ve decided to sell my iPhone 4S to Amazon. While performing a search on Amazon’s Electronics Trade-In site, I ran into a funny situation. When searching the term “iPhone 4S,” I found it a bit strange that the Samsung Galaxy S II appeared in the results. […]

Black Isle apparently rises from the dead, everyone is confused

In today’s installment of The Wacky World of Gaming, it appears that the once-beloved Black Isle Studios is back. We haven’t heard from the studio since 2003, when parent company Interplay shut it down, but now it seems that Interplay has decided to revive it. Details are still very scarce, with the newly launched website […]

Twitter Users Confused by The History Of Olympics

via: imgur Twitter Users Confused by The History Of Olympics is a post from: MakeUseOf Geeky Fun

Total Recall Jessica Biel interview: “we were confused constantly”

One of the most important questions of either of the iterations of the Rekall story was asked of actress Jessica Biel during our visit to the Total Recall 2012 press junket. That question was on what preparations she did for a character that may very well have not actually been real to anyone but Dennis […]

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