I am considering on purchasing a TV. I need help?

Question by Jeffrey: I am considering on purchasing a TV. I need help? I am thinking about purchasing a TV. I am a serious videogamer and I enjoy watching Hi-Def movies. My spending limit is $ 1,500. I am also wanting to hook my Mac Book up to the TV but I am not sure […]

I am considering a tablet PC and I need advice?

Question by ???: I am considering a tablet PC and I need advice? I am an 18 year old perspective college student looking to do something in the field of software engineering but I’m also going to need a large hard drive for music and movies. I was looking at the TM2 and I was […]

Asus considering Windows 8 smartphones

Asus is a major global computer manufacturer based in Taiwan. We know the company from its computers and tablets more than anything else. However, Asus has attempted to enter the smartphone market on a couple of occasions with devices like the Padfone and Padfone 2. So far, Asus has failed to make any significant inroads […]

Nokia considering HQ sell-off in cost cut scramble

Nokia is considering selling off its headquarters in Espoo, Finland, and then renting much of the facility back, in another attempt to cut costs as Windows Phone slowly tries to gain traction. Worth between €200-300m ($ 258-387m), according to Finnish paper Iltasanomat, the possibility has been confirmed by Nokia spokespeople but is, they insist, just […]

Should I go for a better processor or the better GPU when considering a new laptop?

I am looking at buying a new laptop and want to pick the most future proof one possible. I’m especially interested in being able to play games. At the moment weighing up a computer with the Intel Core i5 3317U processor, 4GB RAM and an Nvidia GT 640M and a computer with and Intel i5 […]

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