Deconstructing the Billion-Dollar Crowdfunding Industry for Film, TV and Content through the new blockchain platform LiveTree ADEPT

The entertainment industry guides discussions and both reflects and influences our culture. Just think of the last film that brought tears of laughter, or that new TV show you talked through with your friends. But all is far from rosy in the world of entertainment. High-powered executives are seen to be lining their pockets and […]

Live Now: LiveTree ADEPT Token Pre-Sale to Transform the $500billion Film, TV and Content Industries

LiveTree ADEPT, the world’s first community-powered film, TV and content network is set to disrupt the likes of Netflix’s subscription service by decentralizing the entertainment industry. Starting today, Friday December 1, a pre-sale of 35 million Seed Tokens (Symbol: SED) will take place for two weeks. Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, the new platform will […]

Operators Eye Content Revenues as Billing Opportunity Reaches $47 billion by 2020

Hampshire, UK –11th July 2016: A new study from Juniper Research has found that the value of digital content transactions paid for by carrier billing is expected to reach $ 47 billion by 2020, more than 4 times 2015’s figure of just under $ 11.3 billion. According to the new research – Digital Content Business […]

RIM updates BlackBerry World with content galore

Ahead of its big day on January 30, RIM has updated BlackBerry World with all sorts of music, movie, and TV show content for users to purchase. As far as digital content storefronts go, BlackBerry World is about what you’d expect – market-priced content sorted by category available to those in certain locations. You can […]

Crusader Kings 2 comes to Linux just as Paradox Interactive teases new content

How To Respond To Content Thieves With a DMCA Takedown Notice

If you have ever had a piece of work stolen and published elsewhere online, you know that it can feel pretty hopeless. Nasty content thieves just don’t seem to care how they acquire anything, and their plagiarism occasionally rewards them with sweet advert revenue. Don’t despair, though, for there is hope, and it comes in the form […]

What’s the best way to increase the amount of content I receive on my UK Netflix?

What’s the best way to increase the amount of content I receive on my UK Netflix? The question What’s the best way to increase the amount of content I receive on my UK Netflix? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Laugh Till You Burst With The Onion’s Video Content [Stuff to Watch]

The Onion is one of the longest-running satirical news organisations, and remains to this day a continuing source of ridiculous news, subtle comedy and political commentary. Founded in 1988 as a parodic newspaper and successfully making the jump to the current online format, The Onion now enjoys around 8 million unique visits per month. In […]

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