Thirty jobs are to be created through a new £1.5m digital Pharmacy opened in Liverpool, aimed at helping people living with chronic care conditions to manage their medicinal needs through artificial intelligent mobile app ‘Now Patient’. Liverpool has been highlighted as having some of the most deprived health districts in the UK, and the ‘Now […]

Disk App – Clean & Create Free Space on your Drive – “It’s About Time Products”

Disk App – Clean & Create Free Space on your Drive "It’s About Time Products" Genre: Utilities Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: September 5, 2014 Hello World! $ 0.99 LAUNCH PRICE!!!Reviews are in and they are unanimously positive!"Within a minute I had found an additional 31.34 GB to delete."        - TUAW – Steve Sande"Featuring a […]

Royal Canin, Petlog and Bayer partner with Fetch Digital to create an app for cat lovers

The app your cat wants you to have – Available now! The new ‘my cat’ app has the Lost Cat Alert to help reunite lost cats with their owners; a unique directory of cat friendly businesses; a simple guide to help owners keep their cat happy and healthy, and ‘Cattitude!’ to help you understand the […]

What companies create produce or assemble components of the PS3?

Question by NevergotoIrishMikesAuto: What companies create produce or assemble components of the PS3? Okay so I’ve been trying to figure out where the parts of the PS3 are actually created, such as the motherboard, CPU’s, graphics cards, memory, so on and so forth. Let me be clear I’m not looking for “in China or Taiwan”; […]

Create Your Own Stations on Fuzz Radio

There’s clearly an insatiable audience for radio and music apps, and Fuzz Radio is one of the latest entrants into the crowded marketplace. What makes Fuzz Radio different from other offerings is its ability for users to create their own stations using their own audio files and those uploaded by others. All that’s required is the […]

How can I create an ident-style video for my YouTube channel using only software?

Hi, I wanna create professional looking video using only software and not camera. I just want use the logo of my YouTube channel in it but must look very professional. I want to use this video in every video of my YouTube channel just like a trailer. The question How can I create an ident-style […]

How To Easily Create Stunning Infographics Using Infogr.am

Infographics have become an incredibly popular way to display bite-sized bits of information in easy to consume forms of charts, graphics and more. It usually takes quite a bit of designer know-how, patience and some pretty pricey software to get the job done, but thankfully there are quite a few services that aim to make […]

US Government Responds To Antigua’s Attempt To Create Illegal Warez Website

As earlier reported, the Antigua government has announced plans to create a warez website that will distributed American software with no royalty payments to American software developers. Now US spokesperson Nkenge Harmon has responded to the Antigua governments announcement. According to Harmon, an illegally created warez website would  ”authorize the theft of intellectual property” and will […]

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