Creators of violent video games are ‘electronic child molesters,’ says Ralph Nader

President Obama’s package of proposals to combat gun violence doesn’t go far enough in protecting children and families from creators of violent entertainment such as television and video games, Ralph Nader told Politico this past weekend. Nader, a five-time presidential candidate who has run as an independent and a member of the Green Party, criticized […]

Legend of Grimrock has sold more than 600,000 copies, say creators

PC gamers have snapped up more than 600,000 copies of Legend of Grimrock, the dungeon crawler role-playing game released by Almost Human in 2012. Thanks to that higher-than-expected figure, “the future of our company is secured for a long time,” says the game’s developer. “We would’ve been happy with just one tenth of the sales […]

‘The War Z’ Creators Face Trademark Suspension

The creators behind the embattled zombie video game The War Z have reportedly had their trademark suspended by the United States government. If these rumors are to be believed, then the folks at Hammerpoint Interactive have faced yet another setback regarding their highly-anticipated undead shooter. According to Joystiq, the game’s trademark has been suspended due […]

‘Zork’ Creators To Be Honored With DICE Pioneer Award

Zork co-creators Marc Blank and Dave Lebling are being honored with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Pioneer Award at the DICE Summit next year, according to Escapist Magazine. For someone who spent quite a bit of time as a kid keeping grues at bay, Marc Blank and Dave Lebling are a big deal. […]

Destiny: Halo creator’s new game headed to Xbox 720 and PS4!

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. What you’re looking at there is the world’s first glimpse of Destiny, the new game from the creators of the epic alien shooter series, Halo. The game’s existence – and its first details – have just been revealed, and we’ve got the lowdown on this new game headed to […]

The Creators Project: Learn About The Artists Pushing Boundaries With Technology [Stuff to Watch]

The Creators Project is a collaboration between hardware giant Intel and boundary-pushing magazine and documentary squad Vice Magazine. The project explores the boundaries between art, technology and the emerging installations that gel the two together. Through a series of videos and interviews, the project explores various artists’ theories, works, and the way they approach the […]

YouTube Allows Content Creators To Take Control Of Ads On Older Videos [Updates]

YouTube is rolling out a new way to help content creators make more money from their videos. In April, YouTube added a brand new feature that allowed content creators to choose which format of ads are displayed on newly uploaded videos by default. They could then choose to have the TrueView in-stream ads, which are […]

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