The Amount Of Cash Apple Currently Has Is Enough To Buy Visa,Cisco or Intel

    Thought there are concerns about Apple’s growth. Apple is currently having $ 137 billion cash in its hand which is enough to buy Visa – the credit card company, with a market capital of $ 106 billion; Cisco – the networking company with a market capital of $ 112.13 billion or Intel – […]

Microsoft Outlook For Windows RT Currently Being Tested

Microsoft Windows RT users may soon have access to a native version of MS Outlook. When first released Microsoft chose to skip over a functional email client for its lower powered tablet OS release. The software giant is already believed to be testing a free version of Office that will include Word, PowerPoint, Excel and […]

DayZ undergoing server and customization changes, closed testing currently underway

Zombie survival MMO DayZ is undergoing big changes to its server setup, lighting system and player customization options, and a round of internal testing has begun within developer Bohemia Interactive, creator Dean Hall wrote in a post to the game’s official Tumblr today. According to Hall, Bohemia has been working with Valve to make sure […]

Is there any software that will display currently playing lyrics?

I have Windows 8 Pro on my PC. I want to know if there are any applications or software (prefer freeware) which displays the current lyrics to the song I am listening to in any media player. Can you suggest me a solution? The question Is there any software that will display currently playing lyrics? […]

Xbox Live cloud storage currently down, Microsoft working on a fix

If you’ve been having issues retrieving your Xbox 360 saves from the cloud, you’re not alone. As it turns out, Microsoft is experiencing some problem with Xbox Live at the moment, which is causing a couple of different headaches. The first (obviously) is that Xbox Live cloud storage is currently inaccessible, while the second involves […]

Install The (Shockingly Late) Official YouTube Channel On Your Wii [Currently USA Only]

Install the official YouTube app on your Wii. Watch the best cat videos from the comfort… “Wait!” says the reader. He only read one-and-a-half sentences, but immediately rushed to the comments. Someone was wrong on the Internet. “You totally just screwed up. You meant Wii U. Why would Google waste its time…” “Shut up and listen” […]

Minecraft Is Currently The Most Played Game On Xbox LIVE

Minecraft is the most popular game on Xbox LIVE for the week ending October 15, according to the Examiner. What’s even more impressive is that the extremely popular and incredibly addictive sandbox title is the also first LIVE Arcade game to sit atop the activity charts. Fans of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition thoroughly understand why […]

Why won’t my “Currently” Chrome weather extension show the forecast, and are there alternatives?

I really liked the Chrome extension called “Currently” which puts a current time and local weather on my new tabs. However, on one computer, it recently stopped displaying the weather. I wrote to the authors, but have gotten no response. Does anyone else use Currently? Anyone with the same issue? Solutions? Are there other similar […]

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