How can I repair damages of a website hack so antivirus software will allow access to my website?

About one month ago I had my website hacked and blocked by Google. I cleaned it and they unblocked it. I just found out some antiviruses still block access to it, even though it was clean on all scans I made and Google confirmed. What can I do? Could it still be something that only […]

Preview of Massive Damage’s Please Stay Calm: Shadow Wars

We first saw Please Stay Calm, the zombie fighting RPG game, in 2011. It was a fairly well-received social game in the style of Mob Wars. It has maintained a healthy community since release. Shadow Wars continues the style of game play, but with everything turned up a notch. For one, it’s created using the […]

Best Buy owes TechForward $27 million in damages over stolen trade secrets

Best Buy is in a little pickle at the moment. Aside from struggling with their own problems as an electronics retail chain, the company now owes start-up firm TechForward $ 27 million for stealing trade secrets. The lawsuit was filed last year by TechForward in the United States District Court for the Central District of […]

Apple wants an additional $707 million in damages from Samsung

The jury in the high-profile Apple-Samsung patent suit already award Apple a whopping $ 1.05 billion in damages, but now Apple is looking to have that amount bumped up a bit. In a motion filed Friday, the iPhone maker requested that Judge Lucy Koh make Samsung pay an additional $ 707 million in damages, which […]

Samsung demands Galaxy Tab 10.1 US sales permission plus Apple damages

Samsung has asked that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales ban in the US be overturned and is demanding damages for lost sales from Apple, after the tablet was deemed not to infringe on any patents. Apple secured a preliminary injunction against the 10.1-inch Android tablet back in late June, with Judge Lucy Koh describing it […]

Samsung damages over 1 billion dollars vs Apple

In the Apple vs Samsung court case that’s been taking place over the past three weeks here in the USA, it appeared that Samsung would be taking the heaviest damages as a 1 billion 51 million 855 thousand dollar damages verdict was delivered against them. Apple would have their side of the verdict read against […]

Apple damages vs Samsung: ZERO

In the Apple vs Samsung case here in the USA over patents and design on both parties parts, it appears that Samsung’s claims have fallen completely flat. Samsung challenged Apple in this case on patent claims for UTMS standard technology as well as several other smaller items. Across the board, Apple was found not guilty […]

Samsung’s damages decrease slightly as Koh sets date for injunction hearing

Samsung took a pretty major blow when the jury in its patent case against Apple delivered their verdict today. Apple was awarded damages exceeding $ 1 billion, and even though that isn’t as much as the iPhone maker was looking for, it’s still a pretty hefty amount for Samsung to have to pay. However, after […]

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