Is it dangerous to run a processor at 100% for a long time?

I use BOINC software to help scientists with need processing power and I was wondering whether it is safe to let my laptop run for days at full throttle? Thanks The question Is it dangerous to run a processor at 100% for a long time? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

A tale of small-town Canadian romance, the flm follows a pair ofnchildhood friends reunited at their high school reunion. Ten years afterngraduation Todd remains a local could-have-been, while Allison returnsnfrom the city and wonders what might have been. nnFueled by hope,nlonging, and nostalgia they embark on a romantic, if illusory, adventurento recapture lost love and […]

Dishonored and Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 come to Xbox Live Games on Demand Jan. 22

Xbox 360 owners with a taste for hunting the world’s most dangerous game will have a pair of Games On Demand releases to look forward to next week. On Jan. 22, both Dishonored — one of our games of the year — and Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 will get downloadable releases on Xbox Live Marketplace. […]

Elite: Dangerous to have procedurally-generated Milky Way containing more than 100 billion stars

Frontier Developments’ successfully Kickstarted game, Elite: Dangerous, will take place in a procedurally-generated Milky Way that hosts more than 100 billion stars, according to the game’s creator, David Braben. Speaking with PC GamesN, Braben said that the game will be set in a “truly giant galaxy of vast numbers” and will be a mixture of […]

Google Maps Leads Australian Drivers Down Dangerous One Way Road

Google Maps is stranding drivers in Australia’s outback. Police in Colac, a city west of Melbourne, have reported various problems with the popular mapping software. According to police officers the maps have provided incorrect directions which have endangered drivers along the Great Ocean Road and in southern Otways. According to Sergeant Nick Buenen, Google Maps […]

DragonVale Review – Who said dragons had to be dangerous?

Brought to you by Backflip Studios, the people behind the iOS classics like Paper Toss and Ninjump, it is no surprise that expectations for DragonVale soar ever so high. Fortunately, this game does not disappoint. Think of DragonVale as The Sims on steroids, whereby your humanoid Sims are placed with super cute and lovable dragons. […]

Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock Was A Dangerous Deviant

Tippi Hedren, the actress most famous for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, recently opened up about her relationship with the legendary director. Unsurprisingly, the actress didn’t have too many fond memories of the legendary director.  Hitchcock may have been responsible for Hedren’s most famous role but the actress says that working with the legendary director […]

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