Persona: Your Characters In Depth

Like many writers out there, I have a book in the works. And also like many writers, my great American novel is still a bit of a rough draft. Or I suppose “idea” is a more accurate description of my book. Alright, fine, I want to write a novel and I haven’t put down a […]

Dragon Runner Promises To Add Mario-Esque Depth To iOS Endless Running

As might be guessed from the second half of its name, Dragon Runner is yet another endless runner. But it’s one that promises “depth,” according to its developer Cleaversoft. Well, you be the judge of that. But unfortunately, you can’t get to be the judge of that until the game is officially released at least […]

Apples and Oranges: Why Mobile Versions of Console Games Don’t Have As Much Depth

Console gamers tend to dismiss mobile games as dumbed down, casual, kids stuff. Whenever I write a column about how mobile games can be as “good” as console games, the outcry is often loud and fervent. With the power of current-generation iOS devices, it’s not a stretch to consider that many games that we see […]

Christmas gadgets galore, the Nexus 10 in depth and the Wii U gets smart: Gadget Digest

It’s been another insane week packed with gadget and gaming news – and in the run up to Christmas, lots of gift recommendations. Read on for them all right here in your Gadget Digest round-up. Extra console skills The Wii U is now on sale, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is done: far from it. […]

Dell XPS 15z Full In Depth Review (Macbook Pro Alternative ?)

Check out the gallery on my website to compare to macbook pro. www.mrthaibox123.com. Discuss it in the forums! Video Rating: 4 / 5

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