Cambridge, UK, 13th December 2018. ThoughtRiver, the Cambridge-based leader in contract pre-screening technology, today announces that it has been awarded funding from Innovate UK for a £400,000 development project working alongside Professor Ted Briscoe, a well-known computational linguistics expert at Cambridge University. ThoughtRiver – whose platform automatically reads and reviews commercial contracts for pre-screening purposes […]

TCL predicts that 2015 will see the continuation of existing pricing trends, with MNOs continuing to develop usage bundles

Tariff Consultancy Ltd (TCL) has released what it believes to be the top ten pricing trends for 2015. At the end of 2013, TCL forecast the Top Ten Trends for 2014, which are shown below: No. 1 As European pricing decline, MNOs will seek to generate additional revenues via more precise packages and out of […]

Caltech researchers develop terahertz microchips for the spies and gamers among us

Caltech researchers have developed a terahertz-generating chip that, it so eloquently explains, could help a spy save the world just in the nick of time. Or, in the less sensational world, could improve cancer diagnoses and improve touchless gaming. The device works by radiating high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which can penetrate certain materials and offer a […]

Researchers develop LCD-based contact lens display

Researchers with Ghent University’s Centre of Microsystems Technology, CMST for short, have developed an LCD-based contact lens display. The LCD-based contact lens offers advantages over its LED-based counterparts, allowing the full display surface to be utilized. There’s a video of the device available after the break. With LCD-based contact lens displays, a variety of pixel […]

Meru to Aggressively Develop and Reward Top Channel Partners in 2013

New programme provides deal registration incentives with no-cost training and demo gear for partners Meru Networks (http://www.merunetworks.com), a leader in virtualised wireless LAN solutions, today announced a new channel programme – http://www.merunetworks.com/partners/partners.html – designed to strengthen the company’s initiative to identify, develop, promote and reward its top partners. The increasing criticality of secure, reliable and […]

What Is a Website Wireframe & How Can It Help You Develop Your Website?

On a technical level, a modern website isn’t just one thing. It’s a complex soup of interacting technologies, such as HTML (the markup you see on the page), JavaScript (the language running in your browser, affecting interactions), CSS (the language for setting the page’s appearance), and more. But on a more basic level, a website […]

Scientists develop first all-carbon solar cell

Scientists at Stanford University have built the world’s first all-carbon solar cell. Because carbon offers a combination of low cost and high performance, it is a viable alternative to current photovoltaic materials, which are expensive. This new solar cell is made from materials such as carbon nanotubes and “buckyballs”. Said Zhenan Bao, the study’s senior […]

AMD to develop 64-bit ARM processors for servers

AMD has unveiled its plans to produce 64-bit ARM-based processors for servers, stating that it will be the first company providing x86 and 64-bit ARM solutions. This move aims to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for more energy-efficient 64-bit server processors. The first 64-bit ARM-based processor will be an AMD Opteron, and is slated for production […]

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