emporia celebrates 25 years of developing mobile phones for older consumers

• Quarter century of helping older phone users overcome digital exclusion • emporia releases two new feature phones: emporiaCOMFORT and emporiaCLASSIC Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Hall 8.1, B61: emporia Telecom, the leader in easy to use mobile phones for older generations, celebrates 25 years of making communication easier and more intuitive this year. A single […]

What is the difference in developing a software for windows based PDAs and windows based PCs?

Question by vvkthegreatest: What is the difference in developing a software for windows based PDAs and windows based PCs? I need to understand the basic requirements for developing software for windows based PDAs. Best answer: Answer by unrealganthe entire architecture is different.. in a pda there isn’t too much memory available so the efficiency is […]

Apple iWatch Rumors Have Intel Developing Smartwatch For 2013

Apple iWatch rumors have Intel developing the processors for the upcoming Apple Smartwatch design that will supposedly be released in 2013. The iWatch is rumored to begin production sometime in the first half of 2013 but some think the idea that Intel is producing the processor is too far-fetched. SmartWatches have just begun becoming available […]

Persona 4 fans developing a musical based on the game

Two avid fans of Persona 4 have been working on a “non-parody, musical version” of the game for the past three years, and they’ve begun to release a few recordings of their work on the web. The sibling duo of Jake and Gina Smith, who refer to themselves as “a young song writer and an […]

[Report] Microsoft Developing Gaming-Focused Tablet Called ‘Xbox Surface’

Microsoft has plans to enter the mobile gaming space with a 7-inch gaming tablet of its own, according to a report from The Verge. Back in June, a document purporting to be partial technical specifications for a tablet known as “Xbox Surface” made its way to the web, but little talk was heard beyond that. […]

Kaspersky developing OS to protect critical information systems

In an announcement where Eugene Kaspersky tossed around some verbiage about Die Hard 4 and John McClane and cyber attacks on things best left alone, like nuclear power stations, it was revealed that Kaspersky Lab is developing a “secure” operating system for industrial control systems (ICS). Specifically, the upcoming OS will provide protection for key […]

Developing iOS 5 Applications

Pensacola, Florida – This newest ebook by White and Chudzynski available as an iBook for the iPad from Apple’s iTunes Store, for Kindle from Amazon, and for the Nook from Barnes and Noble. This book is intended to get new iOS developers started creating apps of their own for the App Store using iOS 5. […]

Learn How to Make Money Developing Apps For iPad!

by Photo Giddy Learn How to Make Money Developing Apps For iPad! Article by Joshua James What does Developing iPad Apps course include? An Easy Blueprint Style Manual Guides You Through The Entire Process!Easy To Understand – No Technical Jargon That You Have To Lookup And Learn!Read The Manual Today And Get Started Today!Learn How […]

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