A Big Dice Sevens Casino – FREE SLOTS – Everton Rosa

A Big Dice Sevens Casino – FREE SLOTS Everton Rosa Genre: Games Release Date: November 26, 2016 © © 2016 Luton Gambler

Natural 20 – for Rolling Dice

Natural 20 is a dice rolling app, which handles single and multiple dice rolls. Its a perfect way of carrying your dice with you everywhere.nnIn quick roll mode, Natural 20 is ideal for Dungeons & Dragons. Simply pick your dice, and you have an instant result. nnMultiple dice mode can be used for many dice […]

‘Zork’ Creators To Be Honored With DICE Pioneer Award

Zork co-creators Marc Blank and Dave Lebling are being honored with the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Pioneer Award at the DICE Summit next year, according to Escapist Magazine. For someone who spent quite a bit of time as a kid keeping grues at bay, Marc Blank and Dave Lebling are a big deal. […]

Dice Two

Do you have a old board game, where the dice are missing, well this simple app simulates the rolling of two dice.nnSimple, but useful!

Random Dice Roller

Random Dice Roller is a dice roller that gives you truly random numbers from http://random.org!nnTired of cheating DMs? Dishonest players? Suspicious dice? Random Dice Roller is the solution to all your problems! Random Dice Roller gives you numbers that are really, truly random!nnIt’s perfect for board games and roleplaying games, and you never have to […]

Battlefield 4 Sticking With Modern Day Setting, DICE Says

When EA rather nonchalantly announced that Battlefield 4 is coming, we were left with no details whatsoever on the game, apart from the fact that it would have a beta which you could secure access to by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter. We still don’t know a great deal about Battlefield 4, DICE general manager […]

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