The Gadget Show Live 2013, Facebook’s Home on Android and the new iPhone: Gadget Digest

What a week it’s been. We’ve seen massive smartphone news, gaming whispers, and of course all the action from the Gadget Show Live 2013, and it’s still going. Catch up on everything you might have missed in our Gadget Digest roundup right here. The best of the Gadget Show Live 2013 The Gadget Show Live […]

Samsung’s iPad mini rival, Nokia strikes back and more: Gadget Digest

CES is just a distant memory now – and that means it’s time once more for new gadgets. They’ve been coming in thick and fast this week, and we’ve been covering them all: read on for the juiciest gizmo highlights right here in your Gadget Digest. Samsung’s tablet plans Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is […]

Games galore, Google’s new laptops, BlackBerry 10 and more: Gadget Digest

The snow is falling, but not as fast as the gadget news is coming pouring on in. If you’ve not been able to keep up with it all, don’t worry: we’ve got all the biggest stories of the week rounded up for you in one place. Read on for your Gadget Digest. Chrome OS Invasion […]

A gaming revolution, the best of CES and more: Gadget Digest

We’re barely one week into the year, but already we’ve seen more incredible new gadgets and technological breakthrough than we could possibly hope to play with. That’s courtesy of the bonanza at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and we’ve got all the finest picks from it rounded up for you in one place […]

CES 2013, Android’s TV invasion, iPhone 6 and more: Gadget Digest

It’s the calm before the storm of the Consumer Electronics Show next week, but there’s still been lots to get stuck into this first week of 2013. Read on for all the biggest breakthroughs in tech and gaming this week right here in your gadget digest. CES kicks off next week CES 2013 kicks off […]

Windows tablets incoming, an Amazon Kindle phone and more: Gadget Digest

There are just days to go until Christmas, but the tech news onslaught continues, and with so many breaking stories every day and hour, it can be hard to keep up. Never fear though, we’ve got all the biggest stories of the week rounded up for you right here in your Gadget Digest. Amazon Kindle […]

Quickly Digest Longer Articles With Summly [iPhone]

There are situations that are especially well suited to catch up with the latest news and other reading. Over morning coffee, when you’re on the move during commute, or whenever you find a free minute of time. Paper print already faces opposition from the tablet market, but what about your mobile phones? They’re ideal to […]

Google Maps is back, gaming classics remastered and a new type of tablet: Gadget Digest

It’s been another week jam packed with tech news, and if you’ve struggled to keep up we wouldn’t blame you. Instead, take a gander at our gadget digest of all the week’s biggest tech news in one place. Read on! Google hits back on iPhone At long last, iOS 6 users prayers were answered. Google […]

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