What is the best video card (mainly for gaming) to use on an eMachine that doesn’t break the budget?

Question by Darkayne: What is the best video card (mainly for gaming) to use on an eMachine that doesn’t break the budget? I came across a small problem when I tried to install the games Halo and SWAT4 on my computer; I couldn’t play them! I’m guessing I need a new video card. Where do […]

Why doesn’t Spotlight on my Mac find files?

I don’t know why I can’t find any file when searching in the finder. I’m not talking about Spotlight. Please see my picture in the link to have better idea what I mean. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/50194804/search.jpg I used to have problem with Spotlight but after re-indexing it, it works just fine. Is there any way similar to […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Doesn’t Infringe iPad Design, Says Dutch Court

The Samsung Galaxy Tab did not infringe on the design patents held by the Apple iPad, that according to a district court in The Hague. The lawsuit in question focused on the Galaxy Tab’s rounded corners, specifically those found on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, and Galaxy Tab 7.7. Apple claimed that the rounded […]

Crank it up: OLPC’s Android tablet doesn’t need charging!

Non-profit organisation OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) has introduced the company’s first ever Android tablet, the OLPC XO tablet, which can be charged just like any other tablet – or by putting in a bit of muscle with the hand crank. Is this the end for the charging lead? Sharing the same bold colour scheme […]

Why doesn’t WinUtilities remove registry errors?

I downloaded the free version of WinUtilities, it found 750 Registry errors yet will not remove them. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to pay for the program for it to work? Any help would be appreciated. The question Why doesn’t WinUtilities remove registry errors? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Why doesn’t the same Word document print the same from different printers?

I use Microsoft Word frequently. I often have to massage my text so it fits on exactly 3 pages (a requirement from my employer) when I print from my home printer. I may insert hard page breaks to do this, and I set margins accordingly, and save all the setting in the Word document. However, when […]

Why doesn’t Outlook.com load my emails?

The site loads in, then the smaller spinning circle attaches itself to my arrow pointer and no email will load in. It’s been doing this for over a week intermittently and now permanently. This is in Chrome. The question Why doesn’t Outlook.com load my emails? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Why Facebook Doesn’t Get You More Friends

If Facebook could sit on Santa’s knee and wish for one thing, I’ll bet that thing would be to make the world a “global village of friends.” And maybe world peace. At Facebook’s conception, it promised us not only increased social networking, but increased friendships, since distance would no longer separate. Turns out, while Facebook […]

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