iCade Mobile game controller reviewed: Games on Apple devices made easier

iCade Mobile game controller reviewed: Games on Apple devices made easier The iCade Mobile ($ 49.99) game controller for the iPad, iPhone, or iPod lets you play some of your favorite mobile games with a little more ease than a touch-screen offers. While the iCade Mobile won’t help with every game, it helps add control […]

Remembering Just One Password is Easier and Safer

In an earlier Mactuts+ article, “Picking Passwords: Pitfalls, Practicalities and Protection”, we examined the requirements and problems of modern passwords and why they are hard for humans to remember but easy for computers to crack. We also touched on how we can manage this conundrum. In this article, we will have our cake and eat […]

Keeping Notes On Your Contacts Has Never Been Easier With Notable

It can be hard to remember how you met all of those people in your address book, but this app has simplified the task. Keeping Notes On Your Contacts Has Never Been Easier With Notable is a story by AppAdvice.com AppAdvice – iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews + News

eBay iOS app updates with improved search and easier selling

eBay‘s mobile app has been getting better and better with each update, and the company released a new update recently that comes with some significant improvements, namely better search capabilities, new features that make selling items easier, and an improved checkout process that makes buying items on the auction site easier as well. The updated […]

Reload All Tabs For Chrome: Refreshing All Your Browser Tabs Has Never Been Easier [Chrome]

At one time or another, we’ve all had to refresh a page, whether it was because it crashed, or we needed to update it, etc. And often at times, there is a need to refresh all the pages (or tabs) that are open. And whenever that has to be done, it becomes a cumbersome task […]

Double Driver Makes Backing Up & Restoring Your Drivers Easier Than Ever [Windows]

Your drivers can be a scary and intimidating thing. The two pieces of the Windows backend that I never recommend the novice user play with are the registry and device drivers. The smallest of errors in handling either of these can result in system instability or a completely bricked operating system, and that’s no fun. […]

Xbox Live: Switching Regions Will Soon Be Easier

If you’ve ever had to relocate from your country for whatever reason, you’re likely familiar with how much of a pain it is to switch the region associated with your Xbox Live account. Soon, however, Microsoft will make the process less painful. A report from Neowin from earlier today claimed that Microsoft is working on […]

Switching From Mac To Linux? Pear Linux May Make It Easier

There’s been much discussion about the positives and negatives when it comes to Linux‘s distribution fragmentation. Although it’s horrible strategy when it comes to marketing and increasing Linux’s desktop market share because of the lack of universally-applicable support, it’s good when it comes to catering to specific needs. As such, there are thousands of Linux […]

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