Wood Camera: Fantastic Photo Editing on iOS

It’s difficult to deny that the iPhone, and smartphones in general, have changed the world of photography. Gone are the days of needing to own a point-and-shoot camera to be able to take decent pictures whilst out and about, because most of us have a great camera built into our phone. Furthermore, the App Store […]

HDR FX Pro – A Full-Featured Camera Editing Application [iOS, Free For A Limited Time]

One of the best types of iPhone applications are ones for editing photos. There are a lot of them on the App Store, and some of them are fantastic. The really good applications tend to cost money, and a lot of people are not willing to drop the big bucks on apps. Of course, some […]

Save Time Editing All Of Your Photos At Once Using BatchPhoto [Giveaway]

If there’s one thing in the world you should hate doing, it’s wasting time when you know there’s got to be a better way to go about completing a task. If you’re one of those people who go through every single photograph they take and edit them one after another, you’ve got reason to be […]

What’s a good Microsoft Word editing application for iOS or Android?

Does any one know any good program that can create and edit Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files for iOS and Android? The question What’s a good Microsoft Word editing application for iOS or Android? appeared first on MakeUseOf Answers.

Any there tricks for editing large input forms on an iPad?

I use an Internet app for work that requires I fill an HTML form daily that is very large – lots of scrolling to be done. On my 24 inch monitor, the form fits nicely. I’d like to fill that form out on an iPad in real time as I do my work rather than […]

What is the best extension to manage the writing, submission and editing process in Joomla 2.5?

Hello, there is a clear evidence that Joomla! is on a path to acquire those features it lacks; the ones that easy the way any media content may be added to an article. That said I wonder which are the best free extensions that do that job at their best? The question What is the […]

What is the best plugin to manage the writing, submission, editing process in WordPress?

The ones that I’ve used so far don’t do a very good job of enforcing the workflow. They also don’t email the editor when a submission has been made, so they can review it, send it back for editing, or publish it. I’ve tried Revisionary and Approval Workflow. They looked promising, but not so much. […]

Snapseed app offers simple, fun image editing on smart devices, for free

Snapseed app offers simple, fun image editing on smart devices, for free The Snapseed photo-editing app was originally developed by Nik Software and cost $ 5. But Google acquired both the company and app, and announced last week that it would offer Snapseed for free; it has a few new filters features, too. The tools […]

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