Amazing Q Sound Effect – Qing Long GUAN

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Do you need a 3d tv for the 3d effect when using a sony personal 3d viewer?

Question by Will: Do you need a 3d tv for the 3d effect when using a sony personal 3d viewer? I’m thinking about getting a sony personal viewer in the next couple of months and it says you can view 3d with it, do you need a 3d tv or just a 3d bluray player? […]

New Strategies in the Android Ecosystem: The Nexus Effect

Google’s Nexus program has been going full speed ahead as of late. The company has been able to continue the high level of excellence that we have come to expect from it while making necessary adjustments to offer reasonably-priced hardware. Thanks to the implementation of their latest Nexus line, we finally have a concrete idea […]

Advanced Camera Effect – Cai Xia Bao

Advanced Camera Effect Cai Xia Bao Genre: Photo & Video Price: $ 2.99 Release Date: January 21, 2013 © © Aerobic Soho 2012

Butterfly Effect

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Polygon 2012 Games of the Year #8: Mass Effect 3

In a medium where narrative threads commonly go unresolved, BioWare should be commended for concluding most of the major sub-plots that were introduced in earlier games in the series. The creator-versus-creation conflict between the quarians and the geth comes to a head. The future of the beleaguered krogan race is decided. The schemes of the […]

Next ‘Mass Effect’ Isn’t Coming Until 2014 Or 2015, BioWare Says

Although BioWare confirmed the existence of Mass Effect 4 back in September, development of the game didn’t actually start until very recently, Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble revealed in a recent interview with Gamer Syndrome (via Joystiq). Since development on the next Mass Effect is just now getting underway, it sounds like we’ll have […]

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