Altify Announces Altify Relationship Map Live App for the Quip Platform, Empowering Companies to Embed Dynamic Relationship Maps in Any Quip Document

Now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Altify and Salesforce customers can now visualize their key account contacts to build relationships with the right people and win the deals that matter most. San Jose, CA AND DUBLIN – Altify, the digital sales transformation software company, today unveiled the Altify Relationship Map Live App for the Quip […]

How can I embed music into a Powerpoint presentation and password protect it for distribution?

I have a Powerpoint presentation that I have linked music to, however, you must send the music file along with it and the file must be re-attached after sending it to someone. I would like to embed the music and password protect the presentation, so it can not be modified without a password after it […]

Can you recommend me a web host or backup service that allows me to share or embed content?

Hello! I’m searching for a host that serves only space for file backup or sharing! Video, Audio, PDF, Photo, etc to be stored in that host, and to be able to read by a web page (and browser). For example, if I have a video on that host, I want to be able to add that video […]

How do you embed an audio player in website?

I was looking at a website (http://cosmonot.bandcamp.com/releases) and I was interested in how they embedded the audio player in the site. Is it a script or something?

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