GDPR is great, so why are people complaining about endless GDPR emails?

With the advent of GDPR legislation, organisations are finally waking-up to the fact they no longer ‘own’ data and citizens are demanding to know exactly what their data is being used for. Independent research shows 65% of UK citizens now want access to their data and 95% want more, or full control, over who organisations […]

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper – HIPSTER WHALE

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper HIPSTER WHALE Genre: Games Release Date: November 20, 2014 Why did the Chicken cross the road?Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there?Why did Specimen 115 abduct that cow?Why did Unihorse eat all that candy?Crossy Road™ is the endless arcade hopper you’ll never want to put down. © © 2014 […]

Endless Alphabet – Callaway Digital Arts Inc.

Endless Alphabet Callaway Digital Arts Inc. Genre: Education Release Date: January 24, 2013 *Free for a limited time**From the creators of Sesame Street's Monster at the End of This Book, and Another Monster at the End of This Book*Set the stage for reading success with this delightfully interactive educational app. Kids will have a blast […]

Dragon Runner Promises To Add Mario-Esque Depth To iOS Endless Running

As might be guessed from the second half of its name, Dragon Runner is yet another endless runner. But it’s one that promises “depth,” according to its developer Cleaversoft. Well, you be the judge of that. But unfortunately, you can’t get to be the judge of that until the game is officially released at least […]

Endless Road Review – A stylish endless racing game

Endless Road gives me very mixed feelings. On one hand, I love it. On the other, I hate it. Read on, please. Endless Road is yet another endless racing game, in the same vein as the classic Canabalt, but with a setting akin to Cubed Rally Redline. You drive a car in a road, while […]

Cubed Rally Redline Review – A good, lean endless racing game

Cubed Rally Redline is yet another endless racing game. Ever since Canabalt appeared in Flash form, endless racers have had a special appeal. Cubed Rally Redline does not disappoint. In Cubed Rally Redline, you drive a cubey car in a 5-lane endless road. Your goal is to drive as far as possible, while getting the […]

Don’t Become The Undead In New First-Person Endless Runner Into The Dead

What do you do after developing a game based on a fantasy-adventure film and another based on a brand of chocolate sandwich cookie? You develop a game based on an original zombie-themed idea, of course! At least that’s what PikPok just did. After releasing both DreamWorks Dash n Drop and Oreo: Twist, Lick Dunk last […]

14K White Gold 0.22cttw Endless Pears Around Me Prong Set Round Diamond and White Pearl Fashion Ring

14K White Gold 0.22cttw Endless Pears Around Me Prong Set Round Diamond and White Pearl Fashion Ring Free Shipping! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee All Genuine Diamonds, Gemstones, and Precious Metals 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Questions? Call 1 (866) 923-4446 Ext 1 Your item will come in an elegant Jewelrypot Box 14K White Gold 0.22cttw Round […]

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