Punch Quest Updated With New Enemy Type, New Abilities And Other Improvements

Punch Quest, the endless runner that “packs quite a punch,” has just received a major update. The new update introduces a new rare enemy type in the form of snakes. It also adds a couple of new Power II abilities. One of them replaces the slam with a spinning move, and the other changes how […]

XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC download just $24.99 at Amazon

Firaxis Games’ strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be downloaded for just $ 24.99 from Amazon, a savings of 50 percent off the title’s standard price. XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a contender for Polygon’s 2012 Game of the Year awards, receiving high praise from critics far and wide. So if you’ve been biding your time […]

Enemy Shooters Come In All Shapes And Sizes In ShapeWars

Imagine if all of the basic shapes in the entire universe waged war against one another. You can’t? Don’t worry, you won’t have to. Just play the recently released and aptly named ShapeWars. Basically, ShapeWars is a shooting game. But in this game, you play as a spacecraft-like set of triangles inundated with ammunition from […]

4 Ways Your iPhone Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Here’s an honest statement – I’ve never owned a smartphone until nearly a month ago. Yep, I write for a tech blog about amazing techy websites, and yet I never owned one until then. Part of it was financial reasons (MUO pays us an extravagant salary – I just waste it on frivolous items such […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ Patch To Make Easy Easier, Squash Bugs

Even on XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s easiest difficulty setting the game can be an unforgiving challenge, but developer Firaxis is looking to make the easy difficulty a bit easier in response to fan feedback with the next patch. A post on the 2K Games forum says that the XCOM: Enemy Unknown patch is being prepped right […]

‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ Singleplayer DLC Coming Soon

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis’ well-received remake of the classic PC strategy series, will be getting a dose of all-new singleplayer content in the near future, 2K Games and Firaxis announced on Tuesday. Called “Slingshot,” the DLC adds in a new set of Council missions to the singleplayer campaign. Set in China, Slingshot teams players with […]

Know Your Enemy: 5 Types Of Online Gamer You’re Guaranteed To Encounter

If you’re a gamer in this day and age then you’re probably an online gamer. You may remember the days when you’d play by yourself or with friends in the same room, but those days are long gone. Mainly because multiplayer is the main focus of many modern video games, with the single-player campaign or […]

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