New business book tackles the silent struggle for entrepreneurs: How to keep up with your company as it grows.

Title: Survival to Thrival – Building the Enterprise Startup: Change or Be Changed Published: 9 July 2019 (Mascot Books) Authors: BobTinker, Tae Hea Nahm https://www.amazon.com/Survival-Thrival-Building-Enterprise-… “Everyone in the startup feels it—the CEO, the leaders, the team, and even the board: What drove success at one stage now gets in the way. Company change drives role […]

Lord Young Supports Migrant Entrepreneurs in New Report

A new report by the Institute of Directors and Brazilian-born entrepreneur Rafael dos Santos has revealed the challenges faced by migrant entrepreneurs and the extraordinary benefit they bring to the UK’s economy. Rt Hon Lord Young of Graffham provided the foreword to the Migrant Entrepreneurship Report explaining how migrant entrepreneurs provide a much needed boost […]

Government action on ‘senseless’ tax shield subsidy would benefit entrepreneurs

Government action to reverse a ‘senseless’ tax shield subsidy that promotes debt would benefit entrepreneurs – and society as a whole, according to Professor Terence Tse from ESCP Europe Business School in London. In a paper co-authored with Mark Esposito from Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education, Professor Tse says that governments should act now […]

Eco entrepreneurs reach out to the crowd to expand their energy saving website – have you Sust-it?

An entrepreneurial family have turned a passion for environmental sustainability and reducing their energy bills into a ‘go-to’ website for energy efficient products, Sust-it. The Sust-it energy saving website came about after the Lammas’ built an energy efficient home in Gloucestershire, back in 2006. When they completed the build, focus turned to their appliances and […]

Turning Teachers into Tech Entrepreneurs

Leading UK exam board OCR is launching a new initiative to help teachers design and create innovative educational technology for use in the classroom. A series of regional events starting this September, followed by intensive residential technology ‘pre-incubator’ camps will, for the first time, give teachers the chance to develop new educational technology for themselves […]

4 IPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

We all know that IPhones weren’t just created to simply make call and send messages. The Apple Online Store has been flooding us with a variety of apps that we can’t even choose the most suitable for us. If you are an entrepreneur and always had the eager to embrace the technology to ensnare your […]

Google Supports Startups With The Launch Of Google For Entrepreneurs [Updates]

If we rewind back, Google is an entrepreneurial success story. Google wants to tap into the wellspring of innovation and the creative spirit with the official launch of Google for Entrepreneurs. The program hopes to be the common strand that ties in its several dozen programs and partnerships around the world that support startups and entrepreneurs. […]

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