Starting a new business? Money isn’t everything

Social support as well as one’s own managerial experience can be more important factors than financial investment when starting a new business, new research from ESCP Europe reveals. Professor of management Christian Linder found that many paths and activities lead to success, and combinations of human and social strengths are strongly related to entrepreneurial survival, […]

How The Edge Will Connect Everything: BroadGroup Partners With Schneider Electric To Launch Global Edge Event Series

London / Austin – 24th September 2018 – The BroadGroup today announced Schneider Electric as the founding partner for EDGE Congress, its brand-new series of innovative and interactive global events focused on edge computing’s transformative impact on technology, business and society. With strong market drivers and demand for more distributed IT architecture to support emerging […]

Snap, rate, tag & share everything you eat with MunchMap, the new food sharing app for foodies!

Taking photographs of your dishes in restaurants, before devouring the food, has become increasingly popular. So, the new food sharing app from MunchMap Ltd. (launched on 27th August 2015) is a perfect solution to save and share your food journeys and experiences with the people you choose. MunchMap, which is free to download and currently […]

how do I delete everything from my coby mp3 player, pictures, music etc?

Question by Craig: how do I delete everything from my coby mp3 player, pictures, music etc? I want to delete all the music, pictures and videos from my coby mp705 player. How do I do this ? Best answer: Answer by matthew Carterplug it into your pc and then go to My computer . there […]

If I buy a 3D capable HDTV, will everything show in 3D?

Question by DEAN139: If I buy a 3D capable HDTV, will everything show in 3D? If I were to purchase a 3D HDTV, would the programming such as tv shows and other things usually found in a TV channel list show in 3D? Simple question, but I must know. Best answer: Answer by Kyle Rno […]

Perspective Is Everything

HT to Moch The post Perspective Is Everything appeared first on MakeUseOf Geeky Fun.

Everything in its Place with Sorter

I try to automate as much as possible, both in the real world and on my computer, as I find myself staring at my screen for more that ten hours a day. My house lights turn themselves on and off, my outlets power down to save energy, and the files on my MacBook Pro are […]

Everything but Real Money: A Mini Roundup of Gameshow Apps

Before the Japanese began sending people through foam Tetris shapes via conveyor belt, there was a golden age of the game show in America. Shows like The Match Game and Family Feud were primetime hits and the trickle down effect even led to niche off-shoots like Supermarket Sweep. There’s still a feeling of nostalgia with […]

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