Samsung finds no evidence of underage workers at supplier HTNS Shenzhen

With so many companies recruiting outside factories to manufacture parts for their devices, we often hear about the working conditions at these factories. Samsung is something of an outlier in that it makes a lot of its part in-house, but there is still a small need for outside help, which means that the company isn’t […]

Scientists claim DNA evidence proves the existence of Bigfoot

A team of scientists are claiming to have verified through a five-year-long DNA study that Bigfoot does in fact exist. According to the researchers, Bigfoot or Sasquatch does in fact live in North America and the scientists claim that their DNA study proves that Bigfoot is a human relative. Somebody call John Lithgow. The scientists […]

White House finds no evidence of Huawei spying, source says

Last week, Chinese manufacturers Huawei and ZTE were accused of potentially spying for the Chinese government, with the US House Intelligence Committee recommending that both companies be avoided, and that acquisitions and mergers be blocked in the US. A couple days later, Canada reconsidered using Huawei as part of its upcoming government communications network due […]

More evidence for OnLive shutdown surfaces (UPDATE: OnLive confirms sale)

Earlier today, we brought you news of an imminent OnLive shutdown. According to sources inside the company, today is OnLive‘s last day of existence, but the company itself is denying that it’s in any trouble. It’s very confusing, but new evidence has been presented that suggests everything is not okay like OnLive’s executives would have […]

Market research should be seen as a credible evidence maker for all business decisions, according to Cint

While market research is deemed an important tool in the measurement of consumer perception of brands, products and service offerings, it is under-used as a resource to aid in all business decision-making, suggests Cint, a global provider of market research software and panel management solutions. Market research can go above and beyond obtaining the opinions […]

Court Overturns $147.2 Million RIM Judgement, Judge Says Evidence Was Lacking In Mformation Technologies Patent Lawsuit

Research In Motion will not have to pay Mformation Technology the original $ 147.2 million patent infringement penalty awarded to the patent farm. The Blackberry smartphone and tablet manufacturer appealed the original decision and a US District Court judge on Wednesday overturned the original verdict, finding that BlackBerry devices did not infringe on the Mformation […]

Samsung evidence dismissed in droves in Apple case

From 2001: A Space Odyssey to “Sony Style Designs”, Samsung is having some fairly bad luck, it seems, with finding designs that Apple may have been inspired by for their iPhone and iPad devices. This is all part of a court case going on in the United States in which Samsung is being accused of […]

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