Glass Table Fail

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 Help Desk Fail

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Nvidia Project Shield Set To Fail In Gaming Business?

COMMENTARY | The Nvidia Project Shield is an interesting amalgamation of technologies that allows this portable Android gaming console to bridge the game between Android, console, and PC gaming. But what if attempting to cover so many bases is a mistake in of itself? Investors so far are not that impressed with Nvidia’s announcement of Project Shield […]

Elephant Photo Taking Fail

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iPhone 5 Could Fail To Surpass iPhone 4S, Analyst Reports

Could the end of the Apple iPhone era already be upon us? A new analyst report believes the iPhone 5 may not surpass sales created by the company’s iPhone 4S smartphone. News of slowing Apple iPhone sales and poor reception to the iPhone 5 in China last week has caused Apple shares to plummet by […]

It’s Your Turn To Fail Students In The Grading Game

You’ve probably encountered some mean professor and their equally mean T.A. at some point in your life. Have you ever wondered what its like to be in their shoes? Well, here’s your chance! It’s Your Turn To Fail Students In The Grading Game is a story by AppAdvice.com AppAdvice – iPhone, iPad, iPod, App Reviews […]

When Kickstarters Fail [Feature]

Crowd-funding has finally transformed from niche idea to mainstream concept. Credit for this surge in popularity can be thrown at the feet of Kickstarter and its contemporaries. Some highly publicized projects have raised millions of dollars within a few weeks, transforming idea into reality at lightning speed. These success stories make it easy to forget […]

Why does my Samsung Wave 525 fail to upgrade?

I’m trying to upgrade the software on my Samsung Wave 525 by Kies. After processing the file and completing download it says it can’t recognize my mobile and fails to upgrade. What do I do?

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