Favorite handheld GPS?

Question by Marissa: Favorite handheld GPS? What’s your favorite GPS system? My brother and uncle both have Garmin, but I’ve also heard Tomtom isn’t bad. When I was being bored at best buy I saw a different one called the Insignia (i think… i could totally be wrong lol) which looked pretty awesome what with […]

Wake Up To Your Favorite Song Or Radio Show, Get Better Battery Life & More With Atooma [Android]

It will grow on you over time and, no, it’s not a tumor. It’s Atooma, an Android automation application currently in open beta. Unlike all other automation apps, Atooma simplifies the automation process, by providing you with configurable symbols rather than complicated scripts. In short, you can get started almost immediately, with very little effort. […]

Flickr Commons Celebrates Fifth Anniversary With Gallery Of Favorite Images [Updates]

Flickr has one of the largest collections of Creative Commons images. The Creative Commons set of licenses allows everyone from educators, artists, and authors to tap into this invaluable source and use the photo for their creative works. The Flickr Commons archive has grown from its humble beginnings on January 16 2008 with 1,500 photos […]

Quickly Research How Your Favorite Online Services Make Money

Find out how your favorite sites on the web make money. “How Do They Make Money” is an interactive site that lets you quickly find your favorite tech companies, and you should check it out. Why? It’s not a bad question. Most web users seem not to care how their favorite sites make money – […]

Watch Your Favorite Poker Media Streams With New PokerStars TV App

Watch Your Favorite Poker Media Streams With New PokerStars TV App Posted by Rob LeFebvre on January 11th, 2013 [ permalink ] iPhone App – Designed for the iPhone, compatible with the iPad PokerStars fan? You’ll dig this new app from the popular television shows, then. PokerStars TV will let you build playlists or share […]

Favorite Four Apps To Keep Those New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year where many of us make plans on how to improve life for the next 12 months. In my case, my resolutions are based around learning new skills and remembering to relax and take some time out every now and then. Like with any resolution, though, we all need motivation […]

Favorite This: Favs Finally Goes Universal With Native iPad Support

Dirk Holtwick’s Favs app was originally released for Mac in March last year. Then, in June, it was released for iPhone. Now, it has been made natively available on iPad. After its debut in the App Store as an iPhone app, Favs was deservedly praised by my colleague Christine. But in her review, she also […]

Instapaper Brings Readability And All Your Favorite Sources Into One Place [iOS]

Instapaper converts sad, hard-to-look-at walls of text into happy, easy-on-the-eyes formats for those of us who like to read on the bus, during meetings, or in waiting rooms. Also designed for those of us who also don’t have much time to read up on current events, the app allows for cross-platform bookmarking of articles for […]

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