Boeing Flight Simulator – Aurora Silver Limited

Boeing Flight Simulator Aurora Silver Limited Genre: Games Price: $ 0.99 Release Date: December 22, 2014 © © Aurora Silver Ltd

FCC Thinks FAA Flight Rules For Electronics Are Ridiculous

  The FCC finds it odd that the FAA has put into place rules for electronic devices. The agency believes all flights would be profoundly dangerous if a quick game of Angry Birds could take down a multi-million dollar jetliner. Under Federal Aviation Administration rules stewards must require that all electronics from tablets and smartphones to […]

Flight Check In Review – Recommended for frequent travelers

The thing about smartphones nowadays is that many things are made so much simpler and easy. Now, this luxurious convenience has extended to airlines, with Flight Check In allowing for well, as the name suggests, checking in to major airliners through your mobile device. With a decent assortment of airlines to check in with, Flight […]

Hipmunk: Flight and Hotel Search

Hipmunk is a young start-up specializing in the travel industry. The company launched in 2010 and has been concentrating on building Web and Mobile applications to help its users find and book flights and hotels. Hipmunk offers a pretty solid web platform, but also applications for iOS and Android. The start-up has recently raised $ 15 million in […]

Frantic Flight HD Review – Run baby, run

Think of Temple Run with a futuristic element of Tron infused with it. Despite the eerie music and attempts at creating a cheesy background, I hardly paid any attention to the plot. That is because the gameplay mechanics of Frantic Flight are so great that they distract you from everything else. The game starts off […]

Flight Control HD: Top Quality Arcadia

It’s not all too often that we get to review some amazing iOS applications years after they come out. Today we will be taking a look at Flight Control HD, which is by no means a new game, but it is most definitely one of the best to ever reach iOS. Even two and a half […]

US military plans another hypersonic X-51A Waverider flight next year

The US military has been working hard to create an aircraft capable of hypersonic flight. It’s hard to wrap your brain around just how fast hypersonic is. The experimental X-51A Waverider is an aircraft designed to reach Mach 6 or 3600 mph. The military tested the X-51A back in August, and the aircraft failed, plunging […]

American Airlines Flight Attendants To Receive Samsung Galaxy Note Devices

The Samsung Galaxy Note will soon be in the hands of flight attendants at American Airlines. The company on Wednesday announced plans to give all 17,000 of its flight attendants the smartphones in an attempt to better access flight information. Using the Galaxy Note flight attendants will be able to access passenger information, track food […]

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